supply chain visibility and collaboration an infosys microsoft joint initiative n.
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Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration An Infosys-Microsoft joint initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration An Infosys-Microsoft joint initiative

Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration An Infosys-Microsoft joint initiative

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Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration An Infosys-Microsoft joint initiative

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  1. Supply Chain Visibility and CollaborationAn Infosys-Microsoft joint initiative Executive Overview – 27-Jan-2009

  2. In a multi-enterprise high tech supply network, visibility remains one of the most stringent hurdles for effective planning and execution Multiple demand signals, customer segments, channels, partners & methods Fragmented Supply Chain systems & processes Self-contained components with high barriers of interaction Varied levels of technology and process standards

  3. Thru our research and customer interactions we see a rising need for Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration Customers Are Challenged.. Which Means… Thereby Increasing Need for... Shortening Product Life Cycles Intensifying competition Shrinking Revenue and Profits Expanding supply network • Improve internal supply chain user experience - cut down data acquisition time. • Provide platforms to do rapid analytics with quick change of decision parameters • Real time information visibility for key supply chain decision making. • Rapid Response to Change • Increased Simulation / Analytics • Improved transparency • Real time decisions involving partners 1 2 3 4 Results from our recent HiTech survey indicates that Visibility and Collaboration are among the top priorities for organizations • Complexity -42% of respondents indicated that by 2010 their supply chain would become more complex • Fragmentation - 70% acknowledged disruptions in their supply chain and took hours to gain visibility into problems • Data related issues – 25% of SC professional’s time is spent in resolving data related issues • Need for collaboration – 91% still use basic technologies such as email as the primary means of collaboration

  4. The Infosys-Microsoft value proposition in Supply Chain Infosys and Microsoft join forces to create synergy of business process expertise and state of the art technology that can address the complex supply chain issues in the global environment. Benefit to the client is speed, accuracy and cost effective solution to their supply chain problems SC Center of Excellence SCV platform – iterative renovation • Community for IP development • SC talents across verticals and functions • Social network for SC professionals ( • Modular approach • Familiar Office user interface • Minimal user training • Augmented ROI on current IT landscape SCV Modules - Speed of Time to value Hosted, trusted 3rd Party Services • Pre-built framework • After sales service, Inventory, Procurement • Risk free adoption • Perpetual front-end; variant back-end • Highly secured environment • Multi-Enterprise visibility • Collaborative relationship • Sample results delivered: • Reduced on hand inventory for a Major consumer electronics by ~20% • Reduced order fulfillment lead time by 50% for a semiconductor company • Helped a leader in Power Generation Equipmentreduce time to market and cut engineering TCO by 40% • Helped Automotive Systems Manufactureroptimize IT Infrastructure and save $1 million annually

  5. Our solution consists of multiple business modules built on the Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) platform Infosys SCV Business Modules Service Performance Workbench Procurement Workbench Inventory Visibility Workbench Demand Management Workbench Industry Models and pre-configured persona-based KPI catalog for 20+ process areas like Contact Center, Repairs, Procure to Pay, Contract Compliance, 100+KPIs, 200+ Metric, 40+ Dashboards, 40+ Scorecards and Function specific exception based collaborative workflows Analytics Collaboration Personas Initiatives What-If Infosys Supply Chain Visibility Platform Integration Accelerators for Leading ERP, CRM systems. 30+ Custom Initiatives Custom KPI management, Dash boarding. Scorecarding and Reporting, Alerts, Whiteboarding and Advanced Collaboration

  6. The SCV platform provides the repeatable capabilities for visibility and collaboration across multiple business processes Microsoft is the only provider for infrastructure, role-based productivity, and global performance networks.

  7. The business modules that we have built on top of the SCV platform leverages our pre-built IP for accelerated deployment Initiatives Collaboration • Pre-built technology components on top of Microsoft product stack Service Supply Chain Supply Chain • Supply Chain frameworks & Metrics Hierarchy • Pre-built data models for manufacturing industry • KPI Catalogue for forward supply chain and reverse supply chain

  8. The Service Performance Workbench is our solution that enables organizations unlock significant value from their post sales service supply chains Customer Loyalty “How can I acquire new customers by affecting a positive resonance from existing customers?” “How can I protect my existing customers from competition?” Differentiated Service “How can I increase my customer satisfaction by lowering response and resolution times?” “How can I improve the overall customer experience?” Service Revenue “How can I fetch Additional revenue streamover the lifecycle of product and/or service ?” “How can I maximize my profitability using my Relatively lower investment in services infrastructure and still maintain flexibility in resource usage?” Bundled Products “How can I bundle products during service interactions with existing customers?” “How can I cross-sell/up-sell related products and services?” • On Average, Companies that have deployed field service solutions have seen 19% boost in customer retention • A provider of printing solutions was able to reduce order resolution speeds by 50% by measuring and improving areas of deficient performance such as work order taking and scheduling procedures • Due to lack of timely access to work order data, a major supplier of process control solutions for the semiconductor industry lost significant revenue as billing cycles were as long as 45 days. • 49% of Service centers in leading manufacturing companies also conduct direct selling activities

  9. The Procurement Workbench solution delivers significant cost savings by making business users efficient at taking effective decisions Spend Visibility “How can I get visibility into the spend under my management and identify savings opportunities? “How can I reduce costs without increasing supply risks? Supplier Collaboration “How do I ensure high visibility of demand, inventory and order data to my suppliers? “How do I reduce supply lead time deliveries and increase supply reliability? “How can I reduce the operations costs by enabling each buyer to manage more spend?” Delivery Performance “How can I get visibility into potential order and shipment delays that will impact manufacturing?” “How will my decision to resolve a problem impact other parts or locations?” “How can track the set of metrics that will help me control the process effectively?” “Who are the suppliers who are not doing well and how can I managed their supply risk?” Managing Better Compliance “How can I manage leakage in Sourcing savings through better compliance?” “How can I reduce out of contract buying?” “How can I compliance with SOX and other local laws?” • On an average, business users spend more than 30% of their time finding information and not leveraging it • Average cost savings for transactions compliant with contract is 22% • A leading semi-conductor manufacturer reduced its indirect spend by 10-12% in certain categories by getting visibility into the spend by various divisions and simple leverage opportunities • A leading conglomerate increased contract compliance from 35% to 84% through better visibility into spend leakage data • A large OEM reduced it’s inbound inventory and working capital by 25% in certain product families through visibility into supplier inventory, proactive exceptions and effective collaboration • cvv

  10. Inventory Performance Workbench enables supply chain managers to efficiently monitor and control the inventory for a lean supply chain Improve the Working Capital “How can I reduce my inventory levels without impacting the service levels?” “How can I reduce obsolescence because of frequent changes in product design?” “How can I increase my customer satisfaction by making true order promises?” “How can I ensure that I do not miss the Service Levels imposed by my big customers?” Customer Satisfaction “ How can I minimize lost sales because of stock outs?” “How do I have better visibility of inventory in my channels?” Minimize Lost Sales “How can I reduce inventory carrying rate and cost?” “How can I reduce unnecessary expedites by avoiding delays in getting information ?” “How can I eliminate penalty $$ for missing service levels of my key customers?” Improve productivity “How can I reduce the huge amount of manual effort in getting the right data? “How can my planners collaborate to plan for effective demand supply balance?” • In an Infosys survey with 30 high tech companies in the US, 73% mentioned that because of lack of visibility they cannot control unnecessary ageing of inventory; 69% mentioned that they end up stocking high inventory to address demand volatility • Some companies do not have the right set of metrics defined, most rely on supply chain data exchanged through e-mails, planners and channels spend a huge amount of time in manual synchronization of their data

  11. Customer Intelligence Workbench enables Sales & Marketing teams to efficiently manage team performance and improve campaign effectiveness Sales Force Effectiveness “How can I track sales team performance based on preset Performance indicators?” “How can optimize predictive trending of sales?” Campaign Effectiveness “How can I optimize the campaign channel?” “How can I track early adopters and non adapters across territories?” “How can I better understand customer preference of channel for campaigns?” Customer Segmentation “How can I analyze customers based on demographics? “How can I track campaign outcomes across all segments of my customers?” “How can I track customer segment shifts across all my brands?” • A leading digital lifestyle company was able to achieve significant improvements in productivity and effectiveness by implementing a system to facilitate data driven analysis programs • Campaign lifecycle reduced from 8 hours to 2 hours • 50% reduction in application maintenance due to a single source of truth for Campaign data • Significant Improvement in ROMI

  12. Customer Success Stories