performance measures n.
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Performance Measures

Performance Measures

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Performance Measures

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  1. Performance Measures

  2. This is how you tell your story – your “elevator” speech: “My members do this--------------.” Inspired by the Serve America Act: show that meaningful change has occurred Must do this to be able to aggregate results that will demonstrate national impact (for Congress) Most national measures are outputs, or numbers – you still need to describe your outcomes! AmeriCorps Performance Measures – Why?

  3. National measures help our funder describe AmeriCorps programs to Congress and allow reporting of the numbers of people served or things accomplished in a given service category. This data is important because CNCS can report to Congress and stakeholders numbers/facts that represent collective outputs and overall impact of AmeriCorps. Programs can develop more measures than the national measures as needed to show outcomes. National Performance Measures:Background

  4. National Measures may not be enough for you to demonstrate local impact • Outputsare counts of the amount of service that members or volunteers have completed, but do not provide information on benefits to or other changes in the lives of beneficiaries. [How much did you do?] • Intermediate-outcomesspecify changes that have occurred in the lives of beneficiaries. [What changed?]

  5. Think back to the original need for program Know the difference your program is designed to make (outputs/numbers and outcomes/changes) Make sure you can measure change and results – these are OUTCOMES that tell funders their money is well spent National measures inform your funder at the national level, and you will also want to be able to produce data to show local impact! Performance Measures: Best to use the Logic Model process

  6. Inputs: AmeriCorps members & students Activities: Identify students to tutor during school day Outputs: Number of students tutored per week Outcomes (short term or Intermediate): students increase reading skills by 40% Outcomes (longer term): students meet or exceed grade average reading standards Outcomes (long-term or End): Students graduate from high school on time with diploma (and have a better quality of life although this may not be measurable) Be able to think through theLOGIC MODEL - sample

  7. Be able to think through theLOGIC MODEL - sample

  8. Group Activity!

  9. Search for AmeriCorps Performance Measures and national performance measures by using the search feature at: RESOURCES

  10. YOU CAN ALSO USE THE“P M BUILDER” – Let’s try it!