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E T H E R Thematic Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry

E T H E R Thematic Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry. Ether team. Out line. Ether overview Background Users Structure & organization Products Web site Europeans activities Conclusion. Overview – Background.

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E T H E R Thematic Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry

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  1. E T H E RThematic Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry Ether team

  2. Out line • Ether overview • Background • Users • Structure & organization • Products • Web site • Europeans activities • Conclusion

  3. Overview – Background Ether is a project developed and funded by the French Space Agency (CNES) and the INSU/CNRS • Ether is operational since November 2000 • Ether received the scientific evaluation approval in 2008 • Objectives • To assist the scientific community to locate, access and interpret atmospheric chemistry data • To provide data processing software and tools • To insure an efficient scientific expertise on data and software • To provide information about the data collection • To collect and answer to the users’ needs

  4. Overview – Users • Users • The French scientific community involved in atmospheric chemistry studies • International scientists through cooperation agreements with French scientists • Products and services • Data sets / Data Base • Software and added-value services • Systematic production • Information • Links to other sites What else ? Please request it through the permanent Ether call for tender !

  5. Overview – Structure & organization • Two technical components • The Ether Data Centre performs systematic production, provides data, users assistance, archiving, a first level expertise on data and software, algorithms definition and development • The team is composed of 4 people with a manager • It is located in the University Paris 6 • It is equipped with 11 computers; 1 antenna for the IASI data reception through EUMETCAST • The scientific expertise network (several Scientific Expertise Centers) performs conception, validation and expertise on data, models and software and if needed production data • It is located in various French research organisms • For each activity there is a scientist leader • It provides data, models and software to the Ether Data Centre The link between the two entities is assumed by the project manager

  6. Overview - Structure & organization • Organizational entities Annual meetings • Exploitation review • Users Committee On linepermanent call for tender • Steering Committee • Ether’s main actors Daily involved • Ether scientific manager • Data centre manager • Project manager • Users Committee president • Responsible of the atmospheric chemistry program at CNES

  7. Overview - Structure & organization • Ether strategy for service development and production • Requests and algorithms are specified by scientists • Development is managed by Ether technical centre • Scientific validation is insured by scientists • Production is realized by Ether technical centre

  8. Overview - Products • From the Mesoscale to global scale processes • From the troposphere to the stratosphere • within a wide temporal range (from the second to the decade) • Data sets L1, L2, L3 • A huge variety of measurements • Ground-based • Balloon • Air-borne • Space-borne • Modeled and assimilated constituents fields • Reprobus (chemistry component in the stratospheric area) • Mimosa (Potentiel vorticity) • Chimère (tropospheric data) • Ancillary data (ECMWF MTO data, …) • Data Base • GEISA - Spectroscopic chemistry based on French scientist studies • ECCAD - Emissions of atmospheric Compounds & Compilation of ancillary Data • MOZAIC - Measurements of OZone, water vapour, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides by in-service AIrbus airCraft • NDACC/France - Network for Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change web site

  9. Overview - Products • Software and added-value services • Common software • Data format conversion • Quick look, data visualization software (206 datasets for 20 experiences), … • Specific software • ARLETTY : T, P simulation at every geographic point from 0 to 100 km (using ECMWF data and models) • MOLIERE : French ODIN/SMR retrieval • MIMOSA : Potential vorticity fields production at 7theta levels (from 380 to 900 K) • GIRAFE (reGional ReAl time Fire plumEs) forecast of biomass burning plumes • IASI L3 quick look production … Others are in progress Interactive or off line mode The average data fields are produced, for ozone, temperature and humidity every day and available through Ether site

  10. Overview - Products Data and software Characteristics • DataOrigin • IASI, ODIN,OSIRIS, UARS, Balloon, ECMWF, NDACC/FR,REPROBUS, MIMOSA • DataNature • Texts files in various formats, archives, images, … • Data and software access • Free or controlled (according to the international agreements) • Data access • By catalogue criteria • By path • Retrieval mode • Manual HTTP, FTP, uploading • Standards and norms • AMES, NetCdf (Climate and Forecast), Hierarchical Data Format Earth Observation System, SFDU, PDS, SPF, NDSCAMES, HDSEOS, ASCII • Emission Frequency • Daily, monthly, by campaign … Compound image with CO data and Pressure data calculated with MOCAGE model

  11. Overview - Products Some figures • Number of users • 95 nationals (13 laboratories), • 25 internationals (Sweden, Finland, Canada, USA, Japan) • Number of data sets • 250 satellites, measures campaigns, data and model • Datavolume already save • 18 To currently (evolution 7 To/year) • Number of datarequest or services used • 1000/year • Number users access • 4000/year • Volume of the dataprocessed or retrieval • 400 Go/month

  12. Overview - Products • Systematic production • Potential vorticity and temperature fields : daily analysis and forecasts production (Mimosa model, North and South Hemisphere and Tropic) • 50 atmospheric constituent fields (O3, ClO, NO2, N2O, BrO,…) : daily analysis production (REPROBUS model) • Level 2 ODIN/SMR data production (Moliere software) • External production of assimilated fields (ADOMOCA software) • MOZAIC data carried out by the “Laboratoire d’Aérologie” Example of Real-time forecasts production of PV fields for STRATEOLE-VORCORE campaign using MIMOSA software

  13. Overview – Communication • Information • On missions and experiments • On instruments • On data assimilation and models • On data formats • On data references • Communication • Lettre Ether • Workshops, posters in scientific conferences • Outreach (development of an educational tool in progress) • http://ether.ipsl.jussieu.fr • All data, software, added-value services and information are available on-line through a web interface Just… Enter Ether !

  14. Overview – Web site

  15. Europeans activities • GEOMON (Global Earth Observation and Monitoring of the atmosphere) • Ether produces outreach web pages, it provides also data profiles extracted from MIMOSA and REPROBUS fields • IAGOS (Integration of in-situ Aircraft measurements into a Global Observing System) • Adaptation of the MOZAIC data base • GEMS/MACC (Monitoring Atmospheric Composition And Climate) • Ether provides IASI data and processing facilities to the French team (C. Clerbaux LATMOS) responsible of the production of IASI CO data • Access and scientific expertise (from the LATMOS and the LA ECCAD and scientific data IAGOS) Ether is involved in 3 Europeans projects (GMES Atmospheric Service)

  16. Conclusion • Summary • Ether was built in a logic of evolution • Ether collects a great quantity of very diversified data • This large variety allows the inter-comparison and validation of the data • Ether maintain the data processing up to date • Ether define common tools for the common needs of the users • Thanks to the permanent call for tender, the Ether centre is in constant evolution always more close to the needs for its users • Perspectives • To define the standards necessary to the inter-working of the thematic centre in the concern for conservationof the data • To take part in the definition of the format of compression of the chemistry atmospheric data • To continue the adaptation to the evolutions in particular for the access to the bulky data

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