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  1. EARTH By: Erinn Shea

  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Number Poem Title • -----------------------------Pollution • -----------------------------Now what • -----------------------------Green…the new Black • -----------------------------Water • ------------------------------Watch • --------------------------------Not so Simple • ---------------------------------Non-Refundable • ----------------------------------Earth • -----------------------------------Rainforsest • -----------------------------------Look Around

  3. Waste Pollution Brown Air From Smoky Factories Clouding up our skies Waste Now What? The world was once clean Now it is a big fat dump Now can we fix it?

  4. Green A spinach leaf Nature The rustle of leaves when wind swoops bye. The poky yet, delicate shades of grass The leaves blooming in spring The feel of nature Green

  5. Water Splishing, Splashing Blue, Turquoise, Gray Crashing Along the shore North, West, East South… Polluted H2O WATCH! Wasted While Brushing Teeth Carelessness is the Villon PLEASE! Pay Attention!

  6. Not so simple! Do you know how much water you waste? It is not like we can just click and paste! Non-Refundable Our Natural Resources aren’t like a a vending machine They are non-refundable No turning back Stuck Wasted Gone OUT OF ORDER

  7. Earth Blue Green Unrepeatable Extraordinary Polluted Warm Inhabited 4th Supporting Life Loved Worried Oceans Lakes Rivers Ponds Land Islands Continents Countries Homes People

  8. Rain Forest Slam! A Tree crashes Boom! Animal’s homes are destroyed (Nothing) Everyone is gone Look Around! Do you see what I see? The grass is brown The sky is brown The water is brown They are polluted.

  9. About the Author Erinn is 11 years old. She swims on the Littleton YMCA swim team. She choose to write about Earth because she wants to inform others about what is going on around us. Erinn did all her research on an energy saving version of google. Erinn wishes to get young kids inspired and have every generation pick up our earth. Below is Erinn in her favorite place; Telluride.