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Fusion Technology Summary Report PowerPoint Presentation
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Fusion Technology Summary Report

Fusion Technology Summary Report

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Fusion Technology Summary Report

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  1. Fusion Technology Summary Report Jean Paul Allain IEEE-NPSS AdCom Meeting November 1-2, 2013 Seoul, South Korea

  2. Over 80 papers from SOFE-25 received • The quality of the papers has been terrific according to Irv Zatz • Each paper receiving at least 2 reviewers • Initial reviews coming in the next few weeks • TPS Special Issue Guest Editors: • Irvin Zatz, PPPL (Lead) • Stephan Bosch, IPP-Greifswald • Bill Cary, General Atomics • Dennis Youchison, Sandia National Lab

  3. Summary of Recent Committee Activities • The 26th Symposium on Fusion Engineering will be co-located with the PPC (Pulsed Power Conference) and held in Austin, Texas between May 31 and June 4, 2015. • SOFE-26 General chair: Jean Paul Allain and Technical Program chair: Mark Tillack, UC San Diego • PPC General chair is Mark Crawford and Technical Program Chair: David Wetz, UT-Arlington • In process of finalizing MOU with Mark Crawford • The two conferences will utilize a single budget and the treasurer for both conferences is Jane Lehr. • The overall guiding philosophy for these conferences is to provide common and equivalent services for conference attendees where feasible while still maintaining the unique technical and traditional aspects of each community • Working to assemble a local organizing committee with contacts at University of Texas Austin

  4. Highlights of MOU for SOFE 26 • Contract with Downtown Hilton Austin signed by IEEE MCM • Single treasurer with combined budget • Two separate conference registrations • Registrants will be encouraged to attend technical sessions of either meeting • Separate banquets • Separate special TPS issues • Combined social event is being considered

  5. Additional Recent Committee Activities • Strategy to sustain large attendance numbers in SOFE: Allain and Tillack are currently engaging with various leaders in the Chinese fusion community with the strategy to: • 1) sustain the increasing levels of participation of Chinese fusion engineers in SOFE given the increased activities in tokamak devices there • 2) increase international representation in the FTC and • 3) study the possibility of organizing the 27th SOFE meeting for the first time as an international meeting and do so in China, given the large Asian participation in recent SOFE meetings in the United States. • Strategy to outreach to students and members in academia • Working with several universities (Purdue, U. Illinois, UT Austin, Princeton, others that have departments with an emphasis on nuclear and plasma science) to initiate IEEE-NPSS student chapters that will enable us to expand our membership with students but also with their advisors and colleagues • Will be leveraging the NPSS Distinguished Lecturers Program

  6. Distribution of contributed abstracts by country 18 in 2011 8 in 2009 40+ in rest of Asia Roughly 1/3 America, 1/3 Asia, 1/3 Europe