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Fusion Technology Summary Report PowerPoint Presentation
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Fusion Technology Summary Report

Fusion Technology Summary Report

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Fusion Technology Summary Report

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  1. Fusion Technology Summary Report Jean Paul Allain IEEE-NPSS AdCom Meeting July 19, 2014 Paris, France

  2. Highlights of progress on SOFE 26 • The 26th Symposium on Fusion Engineering will be co-located with the PPC (Pulsed Power Conference) and held in Austin, Texas between May 31 and June 4, 2015 • SOFE-26 General chair: Jean Paul Allain and Technical Program chair: Mark Tillack, UC San Diego • PPC General chair is Mark Crawford and Technical Program Chair: David Wetz, UT-Arlington • MOU signed in late March 2014 between Fusion Technology Committee and Pulsed Power Science and Technology Committee • Contract with IEEE-MCE services finalized in April 2014 • Mark Tillackfinalized SOFE-26 Technical Program Committee in early June 2014 • Conference logo and advertising material finished and being distributed at various meetings this summer and fall

  3. Highlights of progress on SOFE 26 • The SOFE-26 Technical Committee (Headed by Mark Tillack) • A balance on emergent technologies and more conventional work in fusion has been designed for the overall technical program for SOFE-26. Technical areas include: • Magnets, power supplies, Next-step devices, Plasma-facing components, High-heat flux components, ITER blankets, tritium handling, experimental fusion devices, stellarators, IFE technology, Innovative divertorsolutions, Plasma-material interactions, blankets, structural materials • A mini-course is also being designed around several high-demand areas in fusion engineering (e.g. PMI and innovative divertor concepts)

  4. Engaging Asia and Europe on fusion engineering and technology areas • Allain and Tillack have engaged with Chinese Fusion Institutes: • Purpose: To sustain the increasing levels of participation of Chinese fusion engineers in SOFE given the increased activities in tokamak devices there • Actions: • FTC to invite Dr. XuruDuan, Director from the Center for Fusion Science at the Southwestern Institute of Physics in Chengdu, China to join FTC. • We have also invited Jiming Cheng (Southwestern Institute of Physics) and Yuntao Song (Inst. of Plasma Phys. Chinese Academy of Science) to join SOFE-26 technical program committee • Created an ad-hoc committee chaired by Hutch Neilson with Tillack and Allain as members along with our Chinese colleagues to study the possibility of holding SOFE-27 in China • Allain also visited with European institutions and major fusion centers in June for their participation in SOFE-26 and representation in the FTSC • Visits included: EcolePolytechniqueFederale de Laussane (Center for Plasma Physics), ITER headquarters in Cadarache, France, and the CNA in Sevilla, Spain

  5. 2014 Fusion Technology Award Winner:Dr. Felix Schauer • 2014 Fusion Technology Award Nominations were received February 15, 2014 and voting by members finalized and discussed by April 2014 • Citation: “In recognition of his many outstanding contributions to fusion engineering and superconducting magnet technology, in particular relating to the design and construction of the stellarator experiment Wendelstein7-X and design of the stellarator reactor HELIAS 5-B” • Since 2005 Dr. Schauer serves as head of the W7-X engineering division at IPP Greifswald and a member of the project board. His team is tasked with conception, development, FE analyses, tests, and instrumentation of W7-X components, as well as with evaluation of design changes and non-conformities during assembly of the stellarator.