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Manage Results with Activity Reporting PowerPoint Presentation
Manage Results with Activity Reporting

Manage Results with Activity Reporting

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  1. Manage Results with Activity Reporting Executive SummaryManage Results with Activity ReportingMany low performers stay under the radar for months before it becomes apparentthat they are not actually doing any work of real substance. Be proactive withmanaging results and implement a weekly or monthly activity reporting process. UseDemand Metrics Activity Reporting Tool as a starting point for this initiative.Whats Included in an Activity Report? • Task Type - all activities can be classified within standard project management processes: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control, and Closure. A good mix of activities is each area ensures smooth program management. • Activity Description - this section briefly describes what program/project the activity is related to, ensuring alignment with business goals & objectives. • Start Date/End Date - when was the activity first started, and how long did it take to complete? Does the time taken to complete the task fall in line with time spent on other priorities? Do all activities add up to a full week/month? • Next Steps/Results - have your staff provide a very brief, forward-looking next steps or end results that were delivered. This section is also effective for communicating issues that need to be escalated.Action Plan: 1. Discuss with Staff - schedule a meeting to discuss reporting requirements and your new weekly/monthly activity reporting process. Explain the benefits from your perspective, as well as, your staffs perspective. The goal here is to ensure that results are being delivered in a timely, efficient manner. It may take some persuasion to convince your team that a little time spent with reporting will take pressure off for those who are high-performing. 2. Customize your Activity Report - use Demand Metrics downloadable Activity Reporting Tool as a baseline to create an Activity Report that aligns to your project management processes. 3. Set your Reporting Schedule - based on your business, determine if weekly, monthly, or quarterly Activity Reports will be the best fit. Demand Metric recommends a monthly reporting schedule, as quarterly reports often omit important details. © 2009 Demand Metric Research Corporation