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Invitatons and Replies

Invitatons and Replies

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Invitatons and Replies

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  1. Invitatons and Replies • Refer: 《英语写作基础》(BCW P203-204) 《商务英语写作》 (BEW Unit5 P91-99)

  2. In what cases ,invitations should be sent ? • Banquets 宴会 • Dinner parties • The opening of new office • The introduction of new goods or services • The celebration of the anniversary of the company • The retirement of a senior member of staff

  3. 邀请函是用来向对方发出邀请的一种礼节性信函。在商务活动中,当公司成立,周年庆典,或举行产品发布会、招待宴会或展览会时,一般都需要秘书起草邀请函,并发到相关单位及个人。发函时,应给对方留出足够的时间,供对方考虑并作出安排。邀请函是用来向对方发出邀请的一种礼节性信函。在商务活动中,当公司成立,周年庆典,或举行产品发布会、招待宴会或展览会时,一般都需要秘书起草邀请函,并发到相关单位及个人。发函时,应给对方留出足够的时间,供对方考虑并作出安排。

  4. Types of invitaions • Formal invitations • Informal invitations Most of which require replies

  5. Formal Invitations • Mainly used on such occasions as formal banquets宴会 and important receptions. • Genenerally printed on cards ,or A5 orA6 good quality fancy(精致的)paper • It is csutomary to send by putting cards or paper enclosed in envelops

  6. BCW P203 Sample 1 On the occasion of the 30th anniversary Of the founding of Mianyang Teachers’ College The President , Mr, Yuan Sijia , Would like to invite Prof. And Mrs. Alan Moss To a Reception on Monday , September 5, 2005 From 11:30 to 13:30 at the Guest House R.S.V. P. Tel.2273839 (regrets only ) The Layout of Formal Invitations Occasion Sender’s name Handwritten of the invitee’s Name on a Printed Line Date Plote Formulae 礼貌客套语 Venue (集合地点)of the Occasion Time

  7. BEW P92

  8. BCW P203-204 Task 5 :Read the samples & sum up the essential parts of a formal invitation. • 1) The occasion or matter concerned; • 2) the sender’s name; • 3) the recipient’s name; • 4) time; • 5) place/venue; • 6) R.S.V.P (meaning “please reply”, written at the bottom); • 7) Tel. number for the invitee to reply. • 8) “regrets only” means 因故不能出席请答复

  9. Mr Ning Zhang Thanks Claytor Milne of ZYL AIRLINERS For his kind invitation to The Banquest celebrating ZYL’s 30th Anniversary To be held at The Banquest Hall Holiday Inn 1 Shennan Road Shenzhen at 7:00 p.m. on Friday 4 Febrarary , 2003 and has much pleasure in accepting Mr. NIng Zhang Sales Manager Xunong Ltd. Recipient’s Name Polite Formulae The Name of the Host Company Polite Formulae the Original Information Acceptande Recipient’s Name Recipient’s Title The Name of the Recipient’s Company The layout of replies to invitations

  10. Layout of Informal Invitations & Replies • Refer: BEW P97

  11. Informal invitation & Replies • Dec. 12 th,2005 • Dear Joan, • My brother Tom will be staying with us for a few days during the Christmas holidays and Cathy and I have planned a family dinner for him next Saturday evening at seven o’ clock so that he can meet some of our friends. We should be delighted if you could join us. I hope you will let me know that you can come. Affectionately yours, Peter

  12. Principles of Invitations • BEW P93 • Written in third person • Content centered • No specified number of words in each line • Words lined according to meanings • No punctuation marks at the end of each line Tones of Invitations BEW94 Serious, sincere, courteous

  13. Useful Expressions • request the pleasure of 恭请 • The favor of a reply is requested. 敬赐复函。 • Please confirm your participation at your earliest convenience. 是否参加,请早日告之。 亲密亲友间的邀请可以使用以下用语: • I’d like … to come to dinner. 非常希望…共进晚餐 • May I have the honor of your company at dinner? 敬备菲酌,恭请光临。 • I hope you’re not too busy to come. 期望您能在百忙中光临。

  14. How to tender the invitation • 正式的邀请 • You are cordially invited to … • We take great pleasure in inviting you to … • 较为正式的邀请 • I should like to invite you to … • You are invited to … • 非正式的邀请 • Please come to … • Would you like to come to …? More sample in BEW P94 & P98

  15. Informal invitation & Replies Basic patterns( 常用句型) 1. Our company is having a reception at New Asia Hotel on the evening of November 10th and I would be very pleased if you could attend. 我们公司将于十一月十日晚在新亚洲酒店举办招待会,热切期盼您的光临。 2. I’m delighted you have accepted our invitation to speak at the conference in Suzhou on May 21st. 很高兴您能接受我方邀请,在五月二十一日苏州大会上发言。 3. We would also like to invite you to give away the prizes at the prize presentation ceremony , and to deliver a speech to the audience. 我们同时希望邀请您前来参加颁奖典礼颁发奖项并致词。

  16. Informal invitation & Replies Basic patterns( 常用句型) 4. We have planned a house party as a sort of farewell before our trip to New York, and we are particularly anxious to have you join us. 我们打算在去纽约之前在家中举办一个告别宴会, 特别希望你能来参加。 5. Please confirm your participation at your earliest convenience. 是否参加,请尽早告知。 6. The favor of a reply is requested. 敬赐复函。

  17. Exercise • You are Mr. Wong Ming. You are going to write an invitation to Ms. Chen Jie asking her to dinner at Garden Hotel on Saturday, May 11th, at 7:30 p.m.

  18. Sample Key Mr. Wong Ming request the pleasure of the company of Ms. Chen Jie at a dinner at Garden Hotel on Sat., May 11th, at 7:30 p.m.

  19. Exercises ( BEW page 100) 1. 金武公司热情地邀请您(Howard Edison)参加本公司十周年庆典,时间是2003年5月15日下午2:00,地点在上海中山路26号和平广场。

  20. Kingwoo Cooperation requests the honor of Mr. Howard Edison at our company’s 10th anniversary to be held at Peace Square, 26 Zhongshan Road Shanghai at 2:00 pm Thursday 15 May, 2003

  21. 2) Ms. Adam Lin十分愉快地接受贵方2003年5月9日晚7:00在假日酒店大厅举行的十周年庆典。 • Ms. Adam Lin accepts with pleasure the kind invitation for the party to be held at Reception Hall inHoliday Inn at 7:00 pm Friday 9 May 2003.

  22. 3) Mr. Hong Wang很遗憾由于去北京出差不能参加贵公司的宴会。 • Mr. Hong Wang regrets that owing tohis planned business trip to Beijing he is unable to accept the kind invitation to the banquet.

  23. 4) 敬请一定来展览会莅临指导。我们保证您会喜欢这次展览会的。 • We would like you to come and have a look at the exhibition. We guarantee you will like it.

  24. 5) 谢谢您邀请我及妻子参加贵公司建立分公司的盛大庆典。 • Thank you very much for your kind invitation of my wife and me to your grand celebration of your establishment of a new branch.

  25. 6)令我遗憾的是,由于公司刚出了安全事故需要立即处理,我不能前往。6)令我遗憾的是,由于公司刚出了安全事故需要立即处理,我不能前往。 • Much to my regret, I cannot accept your invitation because an accident has just emerged and requires my handling.

  26. 3. Write an informal invitation according to the following situation: • Business Situation: Xue Dong and Jian Qiang will give a farewell party for Anna Wu and Weidong Zhang, because they are leaving for the US. The party is at 6:30 pm on August 21. Please write an informal invitation to Feng Shan and Xiang Yan.

  27. August 16 Dear Feng Shan and Xiang Yan, Jian Qiang and I would like it very much if you would be our guests at dinner on August 21 at 6:30 o’clock in the evening. It’s a farewell party for Anna Wu and Weidong Zhang. As you know, they will be leaving for the US next month. I know that Anna and Weidong would be delighted to have you to be with us. Yours, Xue Dong Xue Dong

  28. (练习册) 1 《商务英语写作》(练习册) 1 • .写一封邀请信给劳森博士: • 贝尔电讯公司主席罗兰·弗雷德先生和敝人将举行晚宴欢迎来自纽约的我方公司经理大卫·帕森先生。帕森先生于七月十日到达;晚宴将于七月十四日星期六晚七点在假日酒店举行。

  29. Dear Dr. Lawson, Mr. Roland Frame, the chairman of Bell Telecommunications, and I are giving a dinner party to welcome David Parsons, the head of our our branch office in New York, who arrives for a short visit on July 10. The party will be held at 7 p.m on Saturday, July 14 in Holiday Inn. We hope that you will be able to join us and look forward to seeing you then. Yours sincerely,

  30. 《商务英语写作》(练习册) 2 邀请方是广州电大外语系,写一封邀请信给广州市环市路20号花园酒店20205房的亨利.鲍宁顿先生,邀请他于12月15日星期六晚上七点在凌云餐厅进行晚宴。因为鲍宁顿先生在2008年12月11日的讲座给他们留下了极深刻的印象。并且他们十分感谢他的帮助。邀请信的时间为2008年12月12日。

  31. The Foreign Language Department Guangzhou TV&RADIO University Dec. 12,2008 Mr. Henry Bonnington Rm. 20205, Garden Hotel 20# Huanshi Lu, Guangzhou Dear Mr. Bonnington, We are deeply inpressed by your lecture of December 11th, 2008. also we fell greatly to thank you for your help. We are having a dinner party at 7:00 p.m. this Saturday on Dec. 15th at Linyun Restaurant and should be delighted if you could join us. Looking forward to seeing you. Sincerely yours,

  32. We have pleasure to invite you to attend the dinner party at 7:00 p.m. this Saturday on Dec. 15th at Linyun Restaurant. As we are deeply inpressed by your lecture of December 11th, 2008. Also we fell greatly to thank you for your help. We would be delighted if you could join us. Looking forward to seeing you.

  33. 《商务英语写作》(练习册) 3 写一封邀请信给彼特: 汤姆将于下周来总公司开会。我们定于星期三(23号)中午1点共进午餐。希望你一定来。邀请人:托马斯

  34. Dear Peter, Tom is coming to attend a conference (meeting) in our heard office next week. We are both hoping you can come to have lunch at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 23rd. So do say you can come! Yours, Thomas