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VI Marketing & Branding

VI Marketing & Branding

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VI Marketing & Branding

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  1. VI Marketing & Branding December 2010 Online Bulletin Board Focus Groups with the general population of Oklahoma OSDH Healthy Lifestyles

  2. Objectives • Test Oklahoman’s reactions to: • Healthy Lifestyle concept taglines • Healthy Lifestyle concept logos • Uncover motivations and barriers to leading healthy lifestyles. • Learn what needs to be communicated to promote healthy lifestyles.

  3. Contents Introduction and Methodology Key Findings Taglines and Logos Healthy Lifestyles Exercise and Tobacco Use Diet and Healthy Eating Conclusions and Recommendations

  4. The Methodology • Online Bulletin Board Focus Group • 30 people recruited – 25 active participants. • Fieldwork time was 3 days – each participant participated for 30 minutes per day. • Moderators interacted with participants. • Individuals could not see the responses of others until they had answered the question. • They were then allowed to comment on other posts and interact.

  5. Why Online? • Honest and accurate data. • Healthy lifestyles can be somewhat taboo – online provides anonymity…people don’t hold back. • Demographic diversity. • Not limited to one or two rural regions. • Increased participation. • Everybody takes part, nobody dominates the group. • The methodology fits the topic perfectly.

  6. Unique Questions

  7. The Respondents • 25 active respondents • Ages 18 - 54 • Geographies • Metro - 11 • Rural - 14 • Income • Under $50,000 – 10 • $50,000 and up – 14 • 3 Tobacco users Sample included 8 “health nuts.” These people were highly knowledgeable about health and were practitioners of healthy lifestyles.

  8. Geographies Ponca City Grove Owasso Hallett Tulsa Broad geographic diversity Kingfisher OKC Norman Mountain View Durant Madill Lawton Haworth

  9. The Projection Exercise “I want you to summarize your attitude to healthy lifestyles as a whole by picking an animal which best symbolizes how you feel.”

  10. Projection Summary Healthier Unhealthier

  11. The Monkey • “Living a healthy lifestyle is crazy…. like a friend has a bad day and wants to go out to get drinks after work and you know that always involves food, or your kids birthday party and they have all kinds of you favorite junk food.” • “I pick the monkey because in the last few years, my life has been like one great big circus…I have slid into a deep depression where nothing has been of much importance to me.” • “I feel like I will pick up anything and eat it, same with a monkey. They also have a laid back attitude.” • “I feel like I have so many things to do in a day that I will never get it all done. I feel like I am going bananas.” Life is crazy and it dictates over what I do and what I eat.

  12. The Cheetah • “I am a fighter and I work hard…that picture looked like the healthiest of all the others and that is what I am aspiring to be.” • “The cheetah is a good picture of athletic prowess and agility. I chooses this picture because I identify with it. I've never seen a picture of a fat, slow cheetah.” • “It is agile, healthy, able to take care of itself and enjoy life. It is not hindered by being overweight. Exercise is just a part of life and not something to dread”. • “Always on the hunt to do better things. Seek, determination. Focused. Once the target is sighted, zero in.” An inspiration - Fast paced, lean-mean-health machines.

  13. The Eagle • “I feel that after losing 45 lbs in the past 5 months I am free. Just like an eagle. I am comfortable with who I am and happier than I have ever been. My self confidence has flown through the roof.” • “I see an eagle flying above it all. I like the idea of healthy eating and the more I learn the higher I go in health and knowledge and it’s good for my family.” • “The eagle, that most majestic of birds, to me represents freedom. I think that says it all on health. Good health is freedom to move, live, and enjoy life. The eagle is a bird which is tough, free, and can succeed. I think that is what good health, ultimately is about.” A healthy lifestyle liberates.

  14. The Squirrel • “I always kind of feel like I'm running around like crazy, and I'll stop once in a while to nibble on something to eat and other times I'll splurge too much and overstuff myself.” • “I feel like I need to gather nuts or hoard foods that are good for me…and I just feel like we need to stock up…” • “We see squirrels on the campus all the time, this is because the campus is lush and green and healthy. This is why this animal reminds me of healthy life/lifestyle.” • “The squirrel is a hard worker, gathering food (nuts) for the winter. He eats healthy foods (nuts), and leads an active lifestyle.” Rushing around, hoarding for the winter.

  15. Summarizing The Research Key findings

  16. Summarizing the Taglines • Shape Your Future was the most compelling tagline (uninformed pre-test). • 14/23 preferred it. • Two of the three favorite logos included the Shape Your Future tagline. • Favorite logos were ultimately a matter of personal preference. • This suggests the message/tagline is more important than the logo itself.

  17. The Favorite Logos

  18. General Findings • Oklahoma is seen to be an unhealthy state. • It is not “exercise friendly” • Climate, lack of sidewalks • Unhealthy eating temptations are literally on every corner. • Many Oklahomans appear unhealthy (e.g., overweight and smoking)

  19. Healthy Lifestyles • Oklahoman’s understand they should lead healthier lifestyles but: • Don’t know how to • Don’t have time to • Don’t have money to • Lack the motivation to • Leading a healthy lifestyle involves a major change. • They are not willing to accept this at the moment. This is true of exercise and healthy eating

  20. The Healthy Lifestyle Barrier Superfecta

  21. The Big Barrier • There are numerous misperceptions surrounding healthy lifestyles which add up. • This results in a huge mental barrier that many people struggle to climb over. To have a healthy lifestyles you have to totally change your life. It’s all or nothing.

  22. A Typical Respondent I know I should lead a healthy lifestyle – but I just don’t know how. It’s easier and more fun to eat unhealthy foods, and who has time for exercise…plus, have you seen the price of a Bowflex?

  23. The Desire for Education • Oklahomans want to live a healthy lifestyle. • They can’t quite make the connection that what they do to their bodies now, is going to impact the future. • There is an apparent need for information and education on how to start leading healthier lifestyles. • People are stuck – they don’t know how to start.

  24. The Roadmap WHERE WE WANT TO BE WHERE WE ARE NOW I don’t have to think about it – it comes naturally. Leading a healthy lifestyle is hard. Oklahoman’s need to be educated: Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a big deal.

  25. Taglines and logos

  26. The Taglines • “Do Something” • “Shape Your Future” • “Eat Better, Move More, Be Tobacco Free”

  27. Initial Tagline Reaction

  28. Post Group Tagline Reaction

  29. Whoa There, Hold On • The “pre-group” tag line test produces the most accurate data: • The topic of the group heavily biased the data. • Shape Your Future is therefore the best choice. • No one demographic or healthy lifestyle group were responsible for the popularity of this tag line. • Shape Your Future also ties into other attitudinal findings…(SEE CONCLUSION)

  30. The Logos Idea 1 Idea 2 Idea 3 1 4 3 Idea 4 Idea 5 Idea 6 4 4 4 Primarily preferred by “health nuts.”

  31. After Analysis “It is simple but bold. It catches your eye and is easy to read. It gives you ideas and helps you get started on the right track.” 4 4 4 “It stood out the most when I look at all of them. It caught my attention the most.” “Cause it’s catchy. I like the information and it’s letting you know it’s time to shape your future.”

  32. Analyzing the Logo Test • At a glance, most logos perform similarly. • However, Eat Better, Move More, Be Tobacco Free is favored by Health Nuts. • Arguably not the target audience. • The Shape Your Future logos perform well with the non-Health Nuts. • Given the popularity of the tagline, these may be a good choice. • Logo choice is up to you – but get the message right.

  33. Shape Your Future • This is a popular tagline and is present on the top logos. • The context also ties in with reoccurring themes that tie into the research. • Respondents value longevity. • Respondents are focused on the future (in terms of being healthy). • Respondents understand their future is in their hands.

  34. Healthy lifestyles

  35. Healthy Lifestyles Defined • Respondents generally defined healthy lifestyles into mental and physical aspects.

  36. Self Perception of Health

  37. Self Perception of Health • Most respondents perceived themselves to be of at least average health or greater. • Respondents also felt that most Oklahomans are unhealthy. • In reality, many respondents have a self-inflated view of their own health. • That is, they perceive themselves to be healthier than they actually are.

  38. Importance of Healthy Lifestyles • Respondents know the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. • They want to look and feel better and be there for their family. • However, despite the known importance of living a healthy lifestyle, many do little about it.

  39. Barriers to Having a Healthy Lifestyle • Several barriers were found to impede living a healthy lifestyle. • Time: Don’t have time to devote to being healthy • Money: Being healthy is more expensive • Environment: • OK weather often prevents outdoor activity • OK is a “car state” • Education: Lack of education on diet and exercise • Temptations: convenience of fast food, relaxing at end of day, technology, etc.

  40. Having a Healthy Lifestyle Is… • Something that I know a lot about • Something the state should be involved in • Requires a lot of discipline • Something I’d like to have • A state of mind • Important • Personal • Easier than it sounds • Eating healthy • Different for different people • For me • Hard work • Exercising regularly • Encouraged in my workplace • Easy • Something that is easily done in Oklahoma • Simple • Unrealistic in this day and age • Painful • Overrated • Not a priority for me • Only for health nuts • Mostly for young people • Too expensive • Hard in this climate • It is not fun • For people who have the time • Not fun • Too strict • Not for everybody • Something that is easier in other states • Encouraged in Oklahoma • Encouraged in schools The items in bold are recurring themes throughout research.

  41. Financial Impact on Society • The financial impact unhealthy lifestyles have on society as a whole resonated well with the respondents. • They are angry over having to pay higher taxes and insurance premiums because of other people’s choices. • Many have experienced this first hand with rising insurance costs. • Many were not aware that it also hinders new job growth. • This statement was met with skepticism.

  42. Healthy Lifestyle Verbatim “The choices I make for my health today will help determine how healthy I am in the future.” [Fast food] “isn’t good for us, but often it’s the only alternative, because it’s cheap.” “It appears that over 50% of people I see in Oklahoma are overweight.” “Being healthy is part of who are, not just something you do.”

  43. Exercise and tobacco use

  44. Attitudes Towards Exercise • Respondents know the importance of exercising and being active, but many do not act upon it. • Exercise is perceived to be a chore. • Going to the gym, running, etc. is not considered a fun activity for many people.

  45. Barriers to Exercise • The largest barriers to exercise are time and motivation. • People feel that they don’t have enough time to work out on a regular basis. • Some lack the motivation to get started and exercise regularly. • Other barriers mentioned were cost, climate and location. • It costs money to join a gym and the weather in Oklahoma can make it difficult to get outdoors.

  46. Ways to Motivate • Ideas for motivating people to exercise more generally fell into one of three categories: • Financial incentives: Bonus at work or discount on health insurance premiums. • Extended lunch hour: Being allowed to take a longer lunch if time is used for exercise. • Accountability partner: Having someone to work out with or to hold you accountable.

  47. Communicating Importance • To communicate the importance of exercising, the following should be communicated: • Benefits of exercising AND the dangers of not exercising. • Several mentioned the use of fear or scare tactics. • Show people that exercise can be fun. • For example, playing with your kids at the park. • Encourage people to develop a routine and set realistic goals.

  48. Tobacco Use in Oklahoma • Oklahoma is perceived to have a higher percentage of smokers than other states. • “Probably half of OK smokes.” • Some participants believe that the number of smokers in Oklahoma is declining. • Several identified themselves as former smokers who have recently quit.