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Walk two moons

Walk two moons

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Walk two moons

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  1. Walk two moons By: Sharon Creech Genre: young-adult fiction

  2. The plot Thirteen-year-old Salamanca Tree Hiddle’s(“Sal”) mother has left her and her father, and Sal and her grandparents are taking her to Lewiston, Idaho for a road trip to retrace her mothers route to see her. On the way there Sal entertains her grandparents by telling them the story about her friend Phoebe Winterbottom rough paths of her life.

  3. The point of view The narrator speaks in first person, speaking through her own experiences, emotions, memories, and she puts other character point of views to understand there experiences and emotions as well as hers.

  4. conflicts The conflict is that she is going to find her mother and bring her back home but what she don’t know is that her mother died in a bus accident and she is going to visit her mothers grave site. And that there is a strange man leaving notes and messages and the doorstep of the Winterbottom’s family and worried about who they are for and why he is sending them and one day Phoebe comes home and her mother is gone leaving notes for each family member. and Phoebe is worried that her mom was kidnapped and murdered.

  5. main characters Salamanca Hiddle- is a country girl that lived in Bybanks, Kentucky. Raised on a farm and loved the country life. Wanted her father and her mother to be happy. And enjoys telling stories of the past. Phoebe Winterbottom- worries about everything and devastated that her mother left and thinks negative about people and doesn’t think positive. Sal’s grandparents- which is Sal’s father’s parents. They are wacky, unpredictable and brave. And enjoys Sal’s story about Phoebe. Sal’s father- a loving and loving. Stuggles the fact that his wife left. So Sal and her father move to Euclid, Ohio cause he is overwhelmed by the grief for her at the farm. Sal’s mother- A spontaneous and joyful woman. And loved the outdoors and cooking for her family. But started to get unhappy and depressed so she left to try to reconnect with who she was before she was married and travelled to Idaho to visit her cousin.

  6. characters Mrs. Winterbottom(Norma)- is like Phoebe always worried. She is a housewife and mother. And enjoyed baking, sewing, cooking, cleaning and chatting and keeping her family happy and encourage them to do their best. Mr. Winterbottom- is always working and doesn’t really know what’s going on in their house. And never pays attention to his wife. Margaret Cadaver- Phoebe’s next door neighbor. Helps Sal’s dad get a job in Euclid. Wants Salamanca to like her so she tries to buy her a gift. Her husbands died in a car accicent and her mother was in the car but she made it but lost her eyesight. Is sister of Mr. birkway and daughter of mrs. Partridge. Mrs. Partridge -  Mrs. Cadaver and Mr. Birkway's mother, Mrs. Partridge lives with her daughter next door to Phoebe. Mrs. Partridge, despite her blindness, can guess people's ages by feeling their faces. She is an eccentric but lovable old woman who plays a role in Phoebe's melodrama

  7. Literacy Devices foreshadowing- Sal’s acceptance of Margaret Cadaver foreshadows the ability to let go of her mother. Symbols- blackberries-memory of her mother sneaking a mouthful of fresh blackberries and kissing a tree Singing tree- the first tree is the tree on her farm in Kentucky and the second is the tree is outside the hospital in South Dakota, which triggers her memory of home. The third singing tree is located near her mother’s grave in Lewiston, Idaho. Hair- both Sal’s mother and Mrs. Winterbottom cut their hair before or during their journey. Sal’s mother cuts her long black hair in the kitchen the week before she left and Mrs. Winterbottom cut hers off during her trip.

  8. Like and dislike What I dislike about this book is that Phoebe worried to much and thinks that her mother was kidnapped and killed by Mrs. Cadaver cause her last name means dead body. What I liked about the book is that she tells a story about her friend Phoebe while they are retracing Sal’s mother’s routes to make the story interesting.

  9. A positive about the story is that she goes on a trip to bring her mother back home. So they can live the way the were living before she left. and another is that Sal and Phoebe’s mother left to renew themselves. And live life again before they were married. A negative was that Phoebe blamed every person that looks suspicious or by the meaning of their names.

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