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Walk Two Moons

Walk Two Moons

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Walk Two Moons

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  1. Walk Two Moons Chapters 29-40

  2. Questions over Chapters 29-32 • 1. Why does Sal find the poem "The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls" by Longfellow so upsetting? How does Ben feel about it? • 2. In what way does Sal think she and Phoebe are alike? • 3. "We never know the worth of water until the well runs dry." In what ways so far has the story illustrated this? • 4. Why is the class so upset when Mr. Birkway reads their journals out loud? • 5. Mrs. Cadaver and Mr. Birkway are twins--in what ways are they alike? • 6. What does the picture of the vase that Mr. Birkway shows the class have to do with poetry?

  3. Choose a prompt to respond to! • Throughout her trip to Idaho, Sal prays to trees because “this was easier than praying directly to God” (p. 7). Why does Sal trust trees to answer her prayers? What kind of relationship does she have with trees? • Sal imagines that worry would be the one bad thing in a box of good just as hope was the one good thing among the bad in Pandora’s box. In what ways is worry the opposite of hope? How does each help and harm? • Mr. Birkway discusses a poem by e. e. cummings entitled “the little horse is newlY” (p. 123). Why does Sal relate to the poem? Why does her first kiss with Ben remind her of the poem?

  4. What do you see? Then Mr. Birkway pointed out how you could see both. If you looked only at the white part in the center, you could clearly see the vase. If you looked only at the dark parts on the side, you could see two profiles. The curvy sides of the vase became the outline of the two heads facing each other. (32.60)

  5. Questions over Chapters 31 - 38 • 1. Why does Mr. Birkway apologize to Phoebe? • 2. How does Sal feel when she walks in Mrs. Cadaver's moccasins? • 3. Why does Gram tell Gramps about the egg man's letter? • 4. What are two things Phoebe noticed about her mom? • 5. What two things did people see in the picture that Mr. Birkway held up? • 6. Why was everyone so uneasy in Mr. Birkway's class? • 7. Sal wanted to kiss Ben in school, but what did she end up kissing instead? • 8. Who did Mary Lou refer to as pig-headed in her journal? • 9. In the beginning of Chapter 34, Sal says "that next day was probably one of the best and surely the worst, in Gram's and Gramps's lives." Explain what she meant.

  6. Journal Response • Sal discovers that she and Phoebe were very wrong about what happened to Mrs. Cadaver’s husband. Mrs. Cadaver definitely did not murder her husband and bury him underneath the rhododendron bush. • Consider how Sal feels when she discovers her assumption was wrong. How will this change how she treats Mrs. Cadaver in the future? • In your response, write about a time that you had an assumption proven wrong. What happened? How did you feel?

  7. Questions over Chapters 37-38 • 1. Why does Sal run after seeing Phoebe's mother? • 2. What makes Sal feel like a newly born colt? • 3. In what way is Ben's situation like Phoebe's or Sal's? • 4. Why doesn't Phoebe tell her family about seeing her mother?

  8. Panther Academy- Journaling • Write a journal entry like the one Mr. Birkway assigns the students in Walk Two Moons. • Write about anything you wish- school, friends, your siblings, what bugs you! • Your journal entry must be at least one page. • This will replace one missing assignment or give you extra credit. It is due next Friday.

  9. Chapter 38-39 • 1. Why does Sal agree to go to Phoebe's house? • 2. Why didn't Mrs. Winterbottom tell her husband about her son? • 3. How does Mr. Winterbottom feel about Mike? How does he feel about Mrs. Winterbottom? • 4. Who has been leaving the notes on Phoebe’s doorstep?

  10. Chapters 40-41 • 1. Why has Mrs. Partridge left the notes on the doorstep? • 2. Why do Phoebe and Sal spit? • 3. What does Ben give Sal? • 4. Why do they go straight to the hospital when they reach Coeur d’Alene? • 5. What do you think makes Sal get in the car and drive? • 6. Who encourages her to? • 7. Where does she go and how long does it take her to drive there?

  11. Writing Response- Chapter 41 • Before Sal begins the drive by herself she thinks, “In the course of a lifetime, there were some things that mattered.” • What do you think Sal is referencing? Explain what matters to Sal and why. • Then, ask yourself- what can we learn from Sal and her journey up to this point?

  12. Chapters 42-44 • 1. In what way is Sal's mother's leaving like Moody Blue and the puppies? • 2. Why does Gramps give Sal the keys to the car? • 3. Why does Sal want to go onto the bus? • 4. Why do the police take Sal to her mother's grave? • 5. Why doesn't Sal look for the singing bird? • 6. How do Sal's father and Mrs. Cadaver know each other? Why are they friends? • 7. What does Sal mean when she says that Phoebe needs the lunatic?

  13. Review over Chapters 39 - 44 • 1. What was in the note that the sheriff gave to Sal? • 2. What happened a year ago to the bus on the windy Lewiston roads? • 3. What did Sal do while Gramps was with Gram in the hospital? • 4. With whom did Mrs. Winterbottom return home? • 5. What did Gramps give Sal in the hospital? • 6. By the end of the story, Sal has learned several lessons about herself and her family and friends. What are some of those discoveries?