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Walk Two Moons

Walk Two Moons

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Walk Two Moons

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  1. Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech A Power Point By: Katie J, CeCe, and Julia

  2. Themes • Determination- Sal is determined to see her mother on her birthday. Phoebe is determined to find her mother. • Family- Sal is depending on her family (her grandparents and her father) to help her see her mother and Phoebe struggles with temporarily losing a member and later on gaining one. • Knowing where you came from- This is an important theme because Sal has moved to a new home and left everything behind and later goes on a journey to see her mother so she can have closure, all the while remembering who she is and where she came from.

  3. Salamanca Tree Hiddle (Sal) • She likes nature • She didn’t want to move, she wanted to stay with her mother’s memories in Bybanks, Kentucky • She has Native American roots • She likes Ben • Her mother left Sal and her father but was killed in a bus crash • She wants to see her mom on her mother’s birthday

  4. Phoebe Winterbottom * Has a good imagination * She becomes Sal’s first real friend * She is suspicious of Margaret Cadaver * She’s scared of all strangers (they could potentially be lunatics) * Her mom is gone and she thinks it was because of the lunatic

  5. Ben Finney • He’s quiet • He’s Mary Lou’s cousin • He likes Salamanca • Doesn’t like using the word ‘lunatic’ because his mother is in the mental ward • He’s a weirdo • He kissed Sal

  6. Setting • Bybanks, Kentucky- where Sal was born and where her mothers memories still stand • Euclid, Ohio- where Sal and her father move to • Chicago, Illinois • The Wisconsin Dells- Sal and her grandparents stop at Ella's Kosher Deli and Ice Cream Parlor • Pipestone National Monument, Minnesota- Sal has an empowering conversation with an American Indian about who they really are

  7. Setting Cont. • The Missouri River in South Dakota-Sal’s grandma gets a poisonous snake bite when they go wading in the river. A boy who lives near the river comes and sucks the venom out • The Badlands and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota- Sal feels like her mother is really with her because that is where Sugar went when she left Sal and her father • Old Faithful in Wyoming- Sal gets to see the beauty of this geyser, and Gram starts feeling sick • Coeur d'Alene in Idaho- Gram is taken to the hospital because she is very sick. She later has a stroke and passes away. While Gramps is with Gram at the hospital, Sal takes the car to Lewiston to see her mother in time but she is stopped by the police ( why is she driving anyway? She's only 13!) • Lewiston, Idaho- Sal makes it to her mothers grave in time to say happy birthday

  8. Top Ten Story Events • Salamanca’s mother (Sugar) leaves Sal and her father after having a still-born baby • Sal and her father move from Bybanks, Kentucky to Euclid, Ohio • Sal meets Phoebe who tells her that she thinks Margaret Cadaver is a murderer, she also meets Ben who likes her and attempts to kiss her • Someone anonymously starts leaving odd notes on Phoebe’s front porch such as: Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins, Everyone has his own agenda, In the course of a lifetime what does it matter?, You can’t keep the birds of sadness from flying over your head but you can keep them from nesting in your hair, We never know the worth of water until the well is dry • A strange boy comes to Phoebe’s asking for Mrs. Winterbottom and Phoebe calls him a lunatic

  9. Top Ten Story Events Cont. • Mrs. Winterbottom mysteriously disappears • Phoebe and Sal go looking for Mrs. Winterbottom at the college and see her kissing the odd boy who turns out to be her son, Mike • Sal finds out that Mrs. Cadaver was sitting next to Sugar when the bus crashed. She was also the only survivor of the tragic crash • Sal is at her mother’s grave when she is told that her grandmother died • Sal goes back to Bybanks, Kentucky with her father and grandpa and later Ben and Phoebe come to visit her

  10. Literary Techniques • “Her voice is like dead leaves blowing around on the ground” – simile • “She scares me half to death” – hyperbole • “Being a mother is like trying to hold a wolf by the ears” – simile • “Strong as an ox” – simile • “The air screamed ‘hurry, rush, hurry, rush’” – personification • “She looked as if a whole family of the birds of sadness had nested in her hair” – simile • “I could practically see the birds of sadness pecking at his head” – metaphor • “There was something about Phoebe that was like a magnet” – simile • “Gramps barreled through Wyoming like a horse afire” - simile

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