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Walk Two Moons Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Walk Two Moons Review

Walk Two Moons Review

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Walk Two Moons Review

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  1. Walk Two Moons Review

  2. Please answer True or False!!

  3. Sal Hiddle is sixteen when her mother leaves. False

  4. Phoebe has a vivid imagination. True

  5. Sal considers herself a country girl. True

  6. Sal drives herself to the site of the bus accident. True

  7. Sal is comforted to think that her mother is singing in the trees. True

  8. Gram completely recovers from her stroke. False

  9. Sal is glad that her father has become friends with Mrs. Cadaver. False

  10. Sal is proud of her Seneca heritage. True

  11. Mrs. Cadaver was the only survivor of the bus accident that killed Sal’s mother. True

  12. Sal notices Mrs. Winterbottom’s unhappiness more than the woman’s own family does. True

  13. Phoebe believes that Mrs. Cadaver buried her husband in the backyard. True

  14. When Mrs.Winterbottom leaves, Phoebe finds it difficult to admit that her mother is gone. True

  15. After her mother leaves, Sal never feels happy. False

  16. The mysterious messages are from Mike Bickle False

  17. Sal and her father return to their farm in Bybanks. True

  18. Match each quotation with the character who said it.

  19. “Sometimes you know in your heart you love someone, but you have to go away before your head can figure it out.” Gram

  20. “We look at the frightening things that are closer to us and we magnify them until they burst open. Inside is something that we can manage . . . .” Sal

  21. When Sal’s family goes swimming, Gram is bitten by a water moccasin

  22. Sal wants to get to Idaho by Her mother’s Birthday

  23. “I named [the chicken] . . . Blackberry.” Ben

  24. The name Cadaver means Dead body

  25. Hidden under Phoebe’s story is Sal’s Story

  26. When Sal gets separated from her grandparents, she Realizes that she fears they, too will leave her

  27. Sal is a nickname for Salamanca

  28. Sal is able to understand Phoebe because … Phoebe is upset by her mother’s disappearance

  29. When Phoebe goes to the police about her mother, Sal …. Admires Phoebe for taking action

  30. Sal’s first impression of Mr. Winterbottom is that he is Playing the role of a perfect father

  31. When Sal realizes that Phoebe could do nothing about her mother leaving, she Understands that her own mother’s decision to leave had nothing to do with her.

  32. When Phoebe’s mother leaves, Phoebe says that her mother … Is on a business trip to London

  33. “She’ll tell me what I’m really like . . . underneath, where I am Chanhassen.” Sal’s mother

  34. Sal’s mother wishes she could Be as good as Sal’s father

  35. The route Gramps follows is The route Sal’s mother took to Idaho

  36. When a young man asks to see her mother, Phoebe Thinks he is a lunatic

  37. “Sal, you’re trying to catch fish in the air. Your mother is not coming back.” Sal’s Father

  38. Sal realizes that her mother is not coming back when? She sees her mother’s grave

  39. A mysterious message reads, “Don’t judge a man until you’ve . . .” Walked two moons in his moccasins

  40. Gramps and Sal play a game in which they??? Imagine what it would be like to walk in someone else’s moccasins

  41. Sal’s father moves away from the farm because He can’t stop thinking about Sal’s mother there

  42. When Phoebe and Sal return to the police Station … Sal notices a picture of the lunatic on the sergeant's desk

  43. Sal learns that Mrs. Cadaver and their English teacher are ? twins

  44. After learning that Mike Bickle is his wife’s son, Mr. Winterbottom ??? Says a son would make a nice addition to the family

  45. Mr. Birkway realizes he shouldn’t have shared the journals when He reads Phoebe’s suspicions about Mrs. Cadaver

  46. When Sal and Phoebe find Phoebe’s mother, Mrs. Winterbottom is ? Is kissing the lunatic

  47. When Phoebe’s mother calls to say she is coming home what else does she say? She says she is bringing someone with her

  48. Sal believes her grandparents took her to Idaho so that ??? Sal’s father could have a vacation

  49. Who is associated with this???

  50. Chickabiddy Sal