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Celebrating March PowerPoint Presentation
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Celebrating March

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Celebrating March
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Celebrating March

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  1. Celebrating March

  2. March Basketball The inside diameter of the hoop is 18”. Assume that the basketball has a circumference of 30.15” and calculate what is the area of clearance in square inches between the widest point of the ball and the hoop when you score your three-pointer from mid-court?

  3. Pi Day Pizza Party Your class wants to order pizza for its annual pi party. Resources are limited so you do research on the best value among three local restaurants with take-out menus. Everyone agrees to order just cheese pizza. Using menus that describe the pizza offerings by diameter, calculate the best deal per square inch among various pizzas by the same restaurant, and among the three competitors.Domino’s Marco's Pizza Papa John's

  4. National Pig Day Draw 2 squares to give each pig his own pen. Squares may be inside or outside of the picture.

  5. Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day; which is the best buy? $6.79 for 32 ounce jar $7.49 for 40 ounce jar

  6. Dentist’s Day Your dentist prescribes medication for a younger sibling, if the dosage is 250 mg per 70 kg body weight, what would be the proper dose for a 45 pound child? Helpful hint: 2.2 lb = 1 kg

  7. Popcorn Lover’s Day Paul made $44.14 selling 27 items (drinks and popcorn). If he made $1.22 selling popcorn and $2.62 selling drinks, how many boxes of popcorn were sold?

  8. Johnny Appleseed Day Johnny has a basket containing 45 apples. The apples are a combination of red and golden delicious apples. There are 7 more golden delicious apples than red apples. How many read and how many golden delicious apples are actually in the basket?

  9. National Potato Chip Day Last year, Americans ate 1.2 billion pounds of potato chips each year. According to the Census Bureau, there are 303, 914, 040 people. Approximately, how many pounds of potato chips did each American consume? Can you determine the total number of pounds of potato chips our class ate?

  10. Plant a Flower Day A park department gardener wants to plant a border of flowers along the edgesof an 8 feet by 6 feet rectangular bedHow wide should he make the border if he wants the remaining unplanted areato be one-half the area of the entire flower bed?