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Lands’ End Wind Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Lands’ End Wind Project

Lands’ End Wind Project

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Lands’ End Wind Project

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  1. Lands’ End Wind Project Kristine McCormick Michelle Shively Greg Brown Tim Pierie

  2. Lands’ End Project Statement To research and develop a proposal for implementing a significant alternative energy program on the Dodgeville campus. The program would consist of acquiring and installing a large wind turbine on the campus to offset the power needs of their operations. The proposal will include funding requirements and a strategy for approaching local and state lawmakers to encourage government cooperation and/or funding of the initiative.

  3. Lands’ End Project Objectives Consider all possible sources for funding (federal, state, private, etc.) Engagement of professional resources in the alternative energy field to assist with development of proposal Provide a timeline for scheduled tasks involved in turbine installation Identify all obstacles involved in project Create a community outreach plan

  4. Gantt Chart

  5. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) $650 Must complete Form 7460-1 for any object over 200 feet (turbine is 396 feet) Lands End campus is 6.75 miles away from Iowa County Airport Few anticipated problems with gaining FAA approval Must submit Form 7460-1 at least 30 days before construction permit is applied for Timeframe: about 4 months

  6. National Telecommunication & Information Administration (NTIA) $750 • Requires construction information from several federal agencies • Obstruction lighting on the tower is needed • Many of same information needed as FAA • Timeframe: about 4 months

  7. Microwave Interference Study $2,000 • Needed to ensure turbine will not interrupt any existing or planned microwave transmissions • Timeframe: about 4 months

  8. Gaining Community Support Potential problems that arise from assembling turbine Construction noise to nearby neighborhood “Landscape” pollution Turbine viewed as an eyesore Quality of life concerns

  9. Gaining Community Support Dodgeville Chronicle Local newspaper with high reader base Radio Station FM 99.3 (WDMT) Dodgeville base radio station with local news coverage Town Hall Meetings Address community concerns/questions Organized with Mayor Jim McCaulley Phone number enclosed in paper City Hall Bulletin Board Updated daily for community to read about news/events

  10. Sierra Club Support • Don Ferber, Jim Steffans • Support in community outreach efforts • Article in Wisconsin State Journal

  11. City Permits Iowa County does not require any permits for construction of a wind turbine City of Dodgeville: Chapter 17 Zoning Code states height limit of 45 feet Conditional Use Permit Design Review Application Hold Conditional Use Hearing

  12. Outside Financing FOE Feasibility and Development Grants FOE Large Industrial Grants Application schedule could strongly influence construction schedule Treasury Renewable Energy Grants If expired, seek the Production Tax Credit Sales Tax and Property Tax Exemptions Renewable Energy Buyback Programs Check for updates with DSIRE

  13. Post Construction Monitoring DNR does not require approval for wind farms with total capacity less than 99MW Environmental Analysis and Review Specialist, Steve Ugoretz, proposed monitoring impact Volunteers from Lands’ End could record impacts of turbine on wildlife and report this to the DNR for future research

  14. Collaboration with UW-Madison • WE Conserve • Engineering Department • Thomas Jahns • Mike Corradini

  15. Where Do We Go From Here? A detailed vision of the facility Contact parties with this vision to lay the groundwork for permitting, approvals, partnerships, etc. Establish working relationships Apply for FOE feasibility and development grants GOOD LUCK!