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  2. WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL! • You will need to have a binder to keep all of your information together. They should include: • Your Life Card • Your Career Card • Your things that come up card • Your Budget • Your Checks • All written papers about your life.

  3. Your Presentation • You will have to give a presentation on your project. You will have to stand in front of the class and tell us about your project. You will have to tell us about your career, house/apartment, bills, life card, what college you are going to and your career. • You will be able to do this presentation via slide show and by other visual aids. Remember each of your classmates will be giving you a grade on what they thought about your project ad presentation. While you are giving you presentation your binder will be circulating around the class for the other students to look at.

  4. YOUR CAREER • You will be given a career card that will tell you what you career is. You will have to look on salary wizard to find out what the states average is. • When you get this card you will have to figure out what you actual take home pay is (every two weeks) based on the information given on salary wizard. • You will have to write a description of what you job entails and why someone would want to go into that line of work. You can even interview someone in that position if you know someone.

  5. YOUR CAREER • You will have to have at least one page (typed) explaining what your job entails and why someone would want your job. • You will have research what it takes to get a job in the line of work. Ex. Do you have to go to college or a trade school. • Also include how math will be applied to your career.

  6. WHAT COLLEGE OR TRADE SCHOOL WILL YOU GO TO? • You will have to research the college or trade school that you want to go to. • What does this school have to offer you? • Will this college help you get a job? • How much is it going to cost you to go to this college? • What percent of graduates get a job right out of this school?

  7. WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE? • Based on your salary where can you afford to live? • What is the cost of living in this area? • Do you plan to rent or buy a home? • What are your monthly bills going to look like for this home? (Estimate)

  8. DO YOU PLAN ON HAVING A CAR? • What kind of car would you like to have? • How much is it going to cost you for your car loan? • How much is it going to cost you for car insurance? • How much is it going to cost you for gas and maintenance a month? • If you can not afford a car on your salary what forms of transportation can you use? • How much would that cost you a month?

  9. DO YOU PLAN ON HAVING A SOCIAL LIFE? • If you plan on going out, how much do you estimate it is going to cost you a month? (Ask your older brothers and sisters and parents) • Do you plan on eating out? How many times a month? How much is that going to cost? • Do you plan on doing any activities or hobbies? How much is that going to cost you a month?

  10. DO YOU PLAN ON SAVING ANY MONEY? • Do you plan on putting any money into a savings account? How much interest are you going to make if you do? • Do you plan on going on vacations? How much is that going to cost and how much would you have to save each pay check? • Do you plan on purchasing anything nice for your home? How much is that going to cost and how much would you have to save a month? • Are you planning for anything that you will need money for?

  11. THE BUDGET • After you review all of the things that you want to have in your life you will need to see if you have enough money to cover your bills. • Make a budget based on the salary information that you found on salary wizard. Remember that you have to calculate out your take home pay yourself.


  13. What is the climate like where you will live? • Find the average temperature for each season. • What type of climate is it? • What seasonal adjustments must be made? • ex. lawn care, snow removal, gardening…..

  14. What is the history of the area that you have chosen to live? • Did anyone famous in history live in your area? • When was the City and State founded? • Did any battles happen in your area? • Are the any major exports? • Basically the history of your state, city, town