by noemi sandoval n.
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End of The Year PRoject PowerPoint Presentation
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End of The Year PRoject

End of The Year PRoject

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End of The Year PRoject

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  1. By; Noemi Sandoval End of The Year PRoject

  2. Bio Poem • My first name is Noemi • Four words that describe me: loud, openminded, creative, and perverted • My sister and brother’s name are Ivette and Eduardo • I am the daughter of Maria and Jose • Two example of how I feel about something:1. Who feels relieved after listening to music . 2. Who feels happy when she does a person’s hair • Three things I fear: 1. People yelling in a bad way, not an excited way2. People discovering things about me I wouldn’t want them to discover 3. Losing two certain people in my life • Three things I like: 1. Tigers 2. Dark art 3. Bands • What or who I’d like to see: 1. Who would like to see Farewell, My Love live on Wednesday 2. Who would love to see Marilyn Manson live on May 30th 3. Who would like to see my best friend who moved away • I live at: Wickieup Lane in Phoenix • My last name is: Sandova;

  3. Personal Inventory • SCHOOL SUBJECTS • I like Language Arts • I do not like Math at all • I am good at writing • I am not good at Algebra 1-2 • I am good at science but I don’t like it • I am not good at social studies but I like it • ACTIVITIES • I like singing • I do not like running • I am good at singing • I am not good at physical exercise • I am good at school but I don’t like it • I love to draw and paint but I can’t do it very well • I prefer being in both individual and group activities

  4. Personal Inventory (continued) • RELATIONSHIPS WITH FRIENDS AND ADULTS • I am generally well like by most people • I am generally not well liked also because I’m very expressive • I do have a group of friends • I am a leader • I prefer people who like the same things I do • But I also prefer people who like different things because I’m very open • I have support from my group of friends but not much from my family • FOOD PREFERENCES • I like to eat pasta • I do not like to eat squash • I don’t but I do eat a balanced diet • RELAXING • I relax by listening to music • And I prefer relaxing alone

  5. Top Three • THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME FROM OTHER’S P.O.V • 1. Funny • 2. Smart • 3. Gothic • THREE WORDS I’M OFTEN COMPLIMENTED ON • 1. My voice • 2. I’m funny • 3. My hair • MY THREE WORST QUALITIES • 1. I have very low self-esteem • 2. I always put other people’s needs before mine • 3. Total procrastinator • MY THREE BEST QUALITIES • 1. I am very open-minded • 2. I’m very helpful when it comes to people needing to talk about their issues • 3. Generous

  6. Top Three (continued) • THREE QUALITIES I LOOK FOR IN A FRIEND • 1. A good personality • 2. Some type of sense of humor • 3. Someone who doesn’t try to change me • THREE INVENTIONS I COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT • 1. Music • 2. Phone • 3. Books

  7. What A Character • If I were a tree I’d be a cherry blossom • If I were a gem I’d be a Jade • If I were an animal I’d be a tiger • If I were a bird I’d be a raven • If I were a place I’d be Salem, Massachussetts • If I were an insect I’d be a moth from Hannibal • If I were a car I’d be a be a silver mustang • If I were a musical instrumentI’d be a cello • If I were a type of materialI’d be black mesh • If I were a shoe I’d be black Converse • If I were a color I’d be midnight purple • If I were food I’d be a strawberry crepe with chocolate chips • If I were a geometric shape I’d be a triangle • If I were a specific type of music I’d be screamo/rock • If I were a specific genre of music it would be gothic • If I were a specific genre of art I’d be dark art

  8. What A Character (continued) • If I were a type of weather I’d be winter rain • I f I were a store I’d be Hottopic • If I were a planet I’d be Pluto • If I were a type of fish I’d be a black veil angel • If I were a type of pet I’d be a dog • If I were a fragrance I’d be Deadly by Blackheart • If I were a fairytale I’d be Mulan • If I were a time of day I’d be nighttime • If I were a toy I’d be a Jack in the box • If I were an inanimate object I’d be water • If I were a character from literature I’d be Luna Lovegood • If I were a famous living person I’d be Jake Barakat • If I were a famous deceased person I’d be Micheal Jackson • If I were a member of the opposite sex I’d be Ashley Purdy • If I were an occupation I’d be a tattoo artist • If I were a cartoon character I’d be Cosmo from the FairlyOddparents • If I were a dance I’d be Flamenco • If I were an ice cream flavor I’d be pistachio • If I were an appliance I’d be a freezer • If I were furniture I’d be a dinning chair • If I were a word I’d be ’spontaneous’

  9. Ten Most Stressful Events in My Life • Here are the top ten most stressful events in my life; they have hurt me in many ways. Due to these and other family problems, I now get panic attacks. They are triggered by certain things and I have a hard time controlling myself when I do get panic attacks • 1. My dad leaving for 4 years Priority: 1 • 2. Being severely sexually harassed in 6th grade for a long time Priority: 2 • 3. Being beat as a child for about 5 years Priority: 3 • 4. A certain person hurting me last year very deeply Priority: 4 • 5. Leaving Mexico Priority: 5 • 6. All the times I has to watch my brother being arrested Priority:6 • 7. Last year the thoughts and memories that triggered my self harming Priority: 7