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End of the year project PowerPoint Presentation
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End of the year project

End of the year project

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End of the year project

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  1. End of the year project Presented by: Jermaine Williams

  2. My Career • I am a chef and I work at a restaurant named A Taste of Heaven in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I make $3278.99 every two weeks. Ever morning I wake up about six o’ clock and get ready for work. I put on my white chef hat and chef jack and head out to work. I get their about seven o’ clock and get ready for my shift. The restaurant opens up at seven thirty and the restaurant starts filling up by quarter to eight especially on Saturdays. Our restaurant serves breakfast lunch and dinner. • My job is to cook and direct people on what to cook. I also have to go around and make sure everything is done right. I try to make sure every meal is perfect and just how the customer ordered it. We always make sure the customer is happy and if they aren’t we take back the meal and redo it. • I think people would want my job because its fun you get to create and experiment with different foods and spices. I also think someone would want my job because of my salary. • To get my job you have to go to a culinary school (I went to The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Charlotte, North Carolina) for about 4 years. (Depending on what type of chef you want to be). • My career involves math because the food has to be cooked right and I have to measure the right amount of seasoning or liquid. I also have to calculate how much the food cost.

  3. What college or trade school will I go to. • The college that I went to was the University of North Carolina. I went to this school to get my bachelors degree before I went to school to become a chef. This college will help you get a job because when you get your bachelors your already are required for jobs and the school specializes with a lot of subjects. I majored in math. • To go to this school it’s about $12.000 a year. This includes rooms’, textbooks, food, ect. • Each year about 67% of students get a job right out of college. Some students end up going to play a professional sport. • This college gives you all your class depending on what you want to major in. The teachers listen and explain with great detail and ask for your opinions. • The University of North Carolina has a great basketball team. The team is called the North Carolina Tar Heels. I played for them back when I was in college. • When I became a new student a lot of people were friendly and I learned all my classes fast. All of my teachers were fun and we did a lot of hands on activities. • After I went to the University of North Carolina for four years I went to The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Charlotte, North Carolina to become the chef I am now. This school offers me to specialize in culinary arts and become a chef and this school help me find the restaurant I work at now. • I try to keep in touch with this trade school and try to get students to join and I tell them how fun it is to be there. • Overall I think this is a great school you do a lot of hands on learning and the best part is that you get to taste the food.

  4. My House • I live in Ventnor City, New Jersey. In this house I pay: • Gas-$100 • Electric-$75 • Water-$75 • Mortgage-$1742.19

  5. My Vehicle • My vehicle is a 2007 Chrysler aspen. I bought from Cregs list. The insurance I have is safe auto. I pay $300 a month.

  6. Bills and checks • One time payments:  • Taxi: $50 (To and from work) • Window repairs: $70 • Car repairs: $200 • Weekly payments:  • Sunoco: $40 • Monthly payments:  • AT&T phone bill: $107.79 • PECO: $175 • AQUA: $30 • Comcast triple play: $120.62 • Groceries: $100.70 • Mortgage: $1742.19 (Paid to Double Diamond bank. Taxes included) • Polo Factory: $150-$400 • Student Loans: $250 (Paid to the University of North Carolina) • American Eagle: $250

  7. Social Life • I do plan on having a social life. I would go out every other weekend and I would spend about 150-400 dollars a month on clothes to go out on places like H&M, Aeropostale, Old Navy, American Eagle, Polo and more.

  8. History of my city • Atlantic City, New Jersey has great history. The city is mostly known for its boardwalk beaches and gambles. It also has a game based on it the popular monopoly. It’s located by the Atlantic Ocean. The first boardwalk was made in 1870 and then it was modified and extended. Today it’s a little longer then 4 miles and still very popular.

  9. Whether/Climate