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End of Year Project PowerPoint Presentation
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End of Year Project

End of Year Project

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End of Year Project

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  1. End of Year Project

  2. You will Create an Event Specific Newspaper! • Choose one event that we have studied this year. • It must be a single event, not a series of events. • Ex. Not WW II, but D Day • Must write 5 articles for the paper • The paper itself must be 4 full pages, no blank spots. • This is a group assignment, so form groups of no more than 5 people.

  3. Headline Article Must be a summary of the event, either after the event, or during. Must be the longest article in the paper, and must continue onto another page. Must have all relevant facts and be historically accurate. Worth 15 pts.

  4. Editorial Article • This is an opinion piece. • It must take a stand either supporting the event, or against the event. • Must be historically accurate in terms of opinions. • Ex. Can’t be why didn’t they just use a telephone to let them know if phones didn’t exist at the time. • Worth 15 pts.

  5. People Article This article is about the people who were either at the event, or how they were effected by the event. Ex: What did the soldiers feel or see at D Day, or what did the people at Hiroshima see or experience. Must be told from a person’s point of view like an interview. Worth 15 pts.

  6. Other 2 Articles • These can be about anything else related to the event, or what is going on in the rest of the world at the time. • Ex D Day is the event, what is going on in the US at the time? What is going on in the war in general? • Must be historically accurate. • The two articles cannot be about the same thing • Worth 15 pts each, 30 pts total.

  7. Ads & Pictures This paper must include ads for products relevant to the time period. Cannot have products that did not exist at the time. Pictures can either be pictures that are taken from sources or hand drawn. Must put effort in to ads, pictures and to total look of the paper. Worth 25 pts.

  8. EOYP Newspaper Summary • 4 page newspaper • 5 Articles • Headline Article is a description of the event chosen, must continue on to 2nd page. • 1 must be an editorial • 1 must be about the people in the event • Other 2 can be about anything related going on at that time in the event area. • Contains ads & pictures • Ads must be period relevant • Each article is 15 pts, presentation and ads 25 pts • 100 pts total • Due May 30th.