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The Bosnian War PowerPoint Presentation
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The Bosnian War

The Bosnian War

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The Bosnian War

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  1. The Bosnian War By Madison Hatfield

  2. Thesis • In the Bosnian War, the loss of homes, health issues, and the loss of lives destroyed and made a lasting impact on Bosnia and Croatia. Background: A cemetery in Sarajevo for those who died in the Bosnian War.

  3. The Bosnian War: What was it? Bosnian War: A war in the “Conflict of the Balkans”. Conflict of the Balkans: War in Yugoslavia that took place from 1990-2000. 1992: Bosnia and Herzegovina declare independence from Yugoslavia. Ethnic cleansing: trying to eliminate an ethnic group using violence. Serbs who lived in Bosnia and in Serbia declare war and fight it. The Serbs used ethnic cleansing to get rid of Bosnia’s Muslims and Croats. 1995: US sponsors peace negotiations: War is ended.

  4. Loss Of Homes • More than 100,000 houses were destroyed. • Hospitals, schools and farms and even entire villages were destroyed which resulted in the loss of more than 260,000 jobs Think of it like this: That’s more than a third of the number of houses Hurricane Katrina destroyed, and Hurricane Katrina hit three different states. Also, America’s not poor.

  5. Health Issues • In comparison to the year 1990: • In 1994 Croatia had 60,000 more cases of infective diseases, 40,000 more people with Diabetes mellitus, 32,000 higher incidence of various neoplastic diseases, 30,000 more patients with heart diseases, and 40,000 more with kidney disease. Percentage of pre-war (1990) values Think of it this way: That’s like 75% of the population of Rockwall getting an infective disease within a four-year period. O_O

  6. Loss of Lives • It is estimated that nearly 200,000 people died in the Bosnian war. Casualty figures according to RDC(For the Bosnian War) Think of it this way: About 65 times the amount of people died in the Bosnian war than on 9/11. (9/11= almost 3,000).

  7. So What. • Landmines from the Bosnian war still threaten Bosnia today. This landmine was found hidden under snow in Rajlovac, Bosnia.

  8. So What/Conclusion • The Bosnian War caused the loss of many lives, jobs, and homes and still affects Bosnia and Croatia today. • By using Ethnic Cleansing, the Serbs forced more than 2 million of Bosnia’s Muslims and Croats out of their homes. • This caused population displacements.

  9. Relevance to the US: -US troops in Bosnia: -US sent the peace treaty in ’95, allowing Bosnia to become independent. Above: Typical checkpoint in Bosnia for a US soldier. Right: US soldier searching for land mines.

  10. Informational Sources: • World Geography Book • •