the break up of the roman empire n.
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The Break Up Of The Roman Empire PowerPoint Presentation
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The Break Up Of The Roman Empire

The Break Up Of The Roman Empire

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The Break Up Of The Roman Empire

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  1. The Break Up Of The Roman Empire Maria Morales, Adriana Chait, Ariel Reich, Oscar Cifuentes,& Krystal Stringer

  2. The Roman Empire had the biggest amount of land in the 2nd century, when Trajan was emperor.

  3. From 235 A.D. through 284 A.D. (the crisis of the third century) there were many emperors but only one was able to handle so much land, Diocletian. His first order was to split up Rome with his friend Maximian.

  4. Diocletian decided to make Maximian, junior emperor while he was senior emperor. The next year he made Maximian a senior emperor as well and they each ruled the split Roman empire. Diocletian; Senior Emperor Diocletian and Maximian

  5. Nicomedia was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and Milan was the capital of the Western Roman Empire.

  6. Diocletian took it a step further, having both senior emperors choose their own Caesar. • Diocletian chose Galerius, who resided and ruled over Sirmium, and Maximian chose Constantius, who camped and ruled over Trier. Galerius and Constantius

  7. Before it ceased, Valentinian II, emperor of the Western Roman Empire, was found dead in his palace. • Ending of fourth century Tetrarchy ended. • Theosiduos I, emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire took revenge and declared wars against Roman general Arbogast and new Emperor of the west Eugenius for Valentinian II’s death. • Battle of Frigidus: Theodosius won and became sole ruler of Rome. • After his death, his two sons, Honorius and Arcadius took over.

  8. In 476 A.D. Odoacer took over Romulus Augustus and ended the Western Roman Empire.

  9. Constantine XI tried hard to get rid of Ottoman Turk but failed. • On May 29, 1453, Ottoman Turks captured the capital [Constantinople]. • He killed Constantine XI and ended the [Byzantine] Eastern Roman Empire.