amie steinmetz 2 nd period n.
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Amie steinmetz 2 nd period PowerPoint Presentation
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Amie steinmetz 2 nd period

Amie steinmetz 2 nd period

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Amie steinmetz 2 nd period

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  1. Amie steinmetz 2nd period Name of speech- Statements by Hitler and Senior Nazis Concerning Jews and Judaism Author- Hitler

  2. Historical Background The speech was given in 1920 on august 7th or 8th in Salzburg Germany The reason this speech occurred is because Hitler thought that the Jews were a different race and he didn’t think the Jews should be able to live. He wanted his people of Germany to join him and help him get rid of the Jews.

  3. A Summary Hitler was saying that the German’s must raise and do (reversal of the Versailles Treaty provisions.)Then the people would be set free, no more being chained up, That Germany will be once again caption of her soul and Germany will be together once again. Hitler also said that the first demand would open the way for all other reforms. Perhaps distinguishes Hitler to them (Austrians) as far as there programmed is Concerned. Even though it was in sprit of things, there attitudes to the Jewish problem. Then Hitler said the Jews wouldn’t be a problem because they could take care of the problem by killing Jews and anyone that had anything to do with Jews. He was telling the people to be with him and fight with him to get ridof the Jews. By the end of the speech he had thousands of people on his side and wanting to get rid of the Jews.

  4. Hitler’s point of view Hitler’s point of view was that the Jews were a different race and he believed that Jews shouldn’t be able to live. He want ed his people of Germany to help him build almost a army to get rid of all Jews and anyone to have anything to do with Jews.

  5. Analysis and examples Hitler used Appeal to Authority in his speech by saying “ Don’t think you can fight racial tuberculosis without taking care to rid the nation of the carrier of that racial tuberculosis.” Hitler used diction by saying “We must raise and do ( reversal of the Versailles Treaty Provision.)” When Hitler speaks he used personal Attack because he would say that Jews were not human and wasn’t the same race as the Germans. He also used false cause because he said the Jews were the reasoning for not have healthy areas to live in.

  6. My point of View This speech effected me because many people were killed within this event. Hitler’s speech was so moving because he was very convincing, used his emotions in this speech and spoke his opinion. For example he said “these chains be burst asunder.” Meaning when the problem of Jews was taken care of they would have their freedom back. Personally I do not agree with Hitler because I don’t think Jews are any different than any other person and they shouldn’t be put to death because of there religion. I wouldn’t want people to agree with him because I think people should be treated equally.

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