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Unit8 Farewell

Unit8 Farewell

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Unit8 Farewell

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  1. Unit8 Farewell

  2. I Introduction 1.At the airport or station,we often see our friends off . What should we do for the farewell? We’ll discuss the problem in this unit. 2 A letter of farewell is often written to express your thanks to somebody for the hospitality and kindness you’ve received from him or her.let’s begin with a farewell letter.

  3. II Teaching tasks • Task1:Read and translate the letter. • Task2:How to write a farewell letter? • Task3:How to say goodbye for different places? • Task4:Exercise in class.

  4. Task 1 :A farewell letter December 10,2002 Dear miss Zhang Our visit to China is drawing to a close and we are leaving for Canada shortly.On the eve of our departure,it gives me a great deal of pleasure to write you to express our appreciation of the hospitality you showed to us and the time you spent with us during my stay at your university. With every good wish for the future. Peter Lovenderg Notes:1.draw to a close:即将结束 2.leave for:动身去 the eve of:在……前夕

  5. Task2:How to write a farewell letter? 1.An Example: Dear Students, As most of you have probably realized,I am no longer working at the dean’s office.December 14th was my last day at North Seattle community college. On December 15th,I moved to Vancouver,to be closer to my family. I had wonderful experience working with you at North and I hope I get the chance to work with international students again sometime.Again,I miss you all and I wish the best for each one of you.

  6. 2.Write a farewell letter.写信人:Evelyne写信日期:2002。4。8国籍:瑞士写信的目的:回国时间已到,向朋友道别;感谢公司对他的帮助和与之结下的友情。在中国呆了六年,非常喜欢这里的生活。尤其喜欢网球小组和自行车小组活动。希望女士们锻炼身体以保持饱满的精力。欢迎各位朋友到瑞士。电子邮件联系地址

  7. April 8,2002 Dear friends, I would like to say good-bye to all of you.After 6 year in China, it’s time for me to return to Switzerland.I enjoyed very much the life here and appreciated the friendship I found in ABC Co. was a great help and I specially enjoyed the activities of the tennis team and the bicycle team.Ladies ,keep fit to be in good spirits! If anybody comes to Switzerland,you can contact me Wish you all the best. Faithfully yours, Evelyne

  8. Task3:How to say goodbye for different places? An example:Say goodbye Mr. Yang:Good evening,Mr. Smith. Mr.Smith:Good evening,Mr. Yang. Y:Are you leaving tomorrow morning?can’t you stay a little longer? S:I’m afraid not.The arrangements have been made.Your help has made my stay here pleasant and successful.Thank you very much. Y:It’s my pleasure.we hope you’ll visit China again. S:Surely,I will. Y:Well,Miss Zhang will see you off at the station.wish you good luck and a pleasant journey ,Mr.Smith.

  9. S:Thanks goodbye. Y:Bye. (An hour later) S:Thanks a lot for seeing me off at the station. Zhang:You are welcome.Did you enjoy your stay here? S:Well,I must say my stay in China has been very enjoyable and productive. Zhang:I’m pleased to hear that. S:I’m sure we’ll cooperate and do more business to our mutual benefit in future. Zhang: The felling is mutual. S:Thanks again for everything . Oh,I must be running now.Goodbye. Zhang:Goodbye,Mr. Lowenberg. Hope to see you again.

  10. Notes 1.Patterns for host • We hope you’ll visit China again. • Have you got everything ready for the trip? • Did you enjoy your stay here? • Can you stay a little longer. • I wish you a pleasant journey. • I’m sorry to see you go .I hope you’ll come back again. 2.Patterns for the visitor • Well.,I must say my stay in China has been very enjoyable and productive. • Thanks again for everything. • Your help has made my stay here pleasant and successful. Thank you very much. • Thank you for your warm reception and hospitality. • It’s very kind of you to see me off. • I’ll keep in touch with you ,Bye bye! • I’ll contact you again.

  11. TASK 4 Make dialogue Your business trip is over.You are at the airport waiting for you flight.Say goodbye to a foreign business friend who has given you a lot of help during your stay here. A:Mr. Zhang. Thank you for your kindness during my stay here. B:You are welcome did you enjoy your stay? A:Well.I must stay I had a very good time. B:I’m pleased to hear that.’s time for me to check in. I’m afraid I have to say goodbye to you now. B:Goodbye.Mr.Howard.Howard.Have a nice trip. A:Thanks again for all that you’ve done for me.Bye.

  12. III Practice 1.Imagine you have finished your exchange study program abroad.You come to say goodbye to your teacher Dr.Grey.Complete the following conversation with you partner by filling in the blanks. You:Good morning,Dr.Grey. Dr.Grey: Hi, Xiong (1 )a seat,please. You: Thank you ,Dr.Grey.My studies here under the exchange program are completed now, so I’ll be (2 )to China very soon. Dr.Grey:Oh,what a ( 3 ).I really wish you could ( 4 ) you work here.I hope you’ll (5 )with me and let me know how your research program is going. You:I am sure I will. You’ve been very ( 6 )to me these years. Dr.Grey:It’s been my ( 7 ).By the way,when are you (8 )? You:My departure is(9 )for next Friday. Dr.Grey: Oh,I see ( 10 )coming back to my office next Tuesday morning?I’m hoping I can find some materials for you. You:Oh.That’s Ok! Sure,I’ll come..Thank you very much,Dr.Grey.

  13. 2 Imagine you are Yangli. You are going to study in Canada.Say goodbye to professor Williams who is now working in China.Fill in the blanks according to the Chinese version provided. You:------------------.(威廉姆斯教授,我来向你告别。) Professor Williams:What! Do you mean you are going away? Where are you going? You:-------------------(我要去加拿大学习。) Professor Williams:Really?when will you leave? You:-------------------(我下周动身,票已经定好了。) Professor Williams:How long will you stay there? You:-------------------(大概两年。) Professor Williams:Oh,yes.I have some friends there.I’ll introduce you to them. They may give you some help. You:-------------------(那太好了。谢谢。) Professor Williams:Have a pleasant trip and wish you success in your study.

  14. Keys for the practice 1.Take, returning , pity, continue, keep in touch, helpful, pleasure, leaving , scheduled, How about, wonderful. 2.(1)professor Williams, I’ve come to say goodbye to you (2)I’m going to study in Canada (3)I’m leaving next Monday and I’ve booked the ticket (4)About two years (5)That would be wonderful,thank you