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  1. GREEN POWER ON THE YANGTZE RIVER Organized by: Marinedream Foundation AIESEC China

  2. What is going on with the Yangtze River? FACTS • Yangtze is the longest river in Asia and 12% of the world’s population lives along this river and depends on it • 50% of China’s rice crops are grown along the Yangtze river basin THREATS • Scientists predict that the Yangtze River will be a dead river within 10 years due to pollution, this will affect life in water and water supplies in cities • Baiji dolphin is declared extinct in 2007, other species will follow • Wetlands dry up and there is more flooding caused by Climate Change Green Power on the Yangtze River

  3. Our actions to protect the river Green Power on the Yangtze River

  4. Our Targets • Pilot Environmental education program for high school students ; which can be adopted by the Ministry of Education China • Start up 150 local projects to get a better environment • Start discussions with local media and government • 20,000 students involved in Marinedream programs • Reach out to 20 million people in China and abroad • Reach out to 50,000 people to make a pledge to work on cleaning the Yangzte River and a lower carbon footprint • A visible cleaner river through 15 organized beach cleanups • Monitoring sightings of porpoises during the trip and take water samples to compare with research done in 2006 • The boat is a showcase that green energy works • Showcase that countries need to work together to tackle climate change and inspire youth to take action Green Power on the Yangtze River

  5. Project I: Green Education • Green Power Program in 150 schools along the Yangtze river • 1 Green team (5 students) per school, facilitated by trainer to create green project (< RMB 5,000) • All projects are uploaded on the Marinedream Yangtze website and we look for sponsors to adopt the projects • 15 facilitators are trained by Marinedream to facilitate the schools in the city • Presentation day when boat arrives in the city with local media and local government attending • 1 award per city for the best team • Beach Cleanup activity per city, when boat is in town • 1 award for the city who organized the most volunteers to join the beach cleanup • Online Aqualife: Yangtze River program for all students in the school • September 15th: End Ceremony in Rotterdam Pavilion on the World Expo with prominent person adopt (sponsors) school project. Announcement of the winner for the green award. Date: January – September 2010 Budget: Euro 50,000 Green Power on the Yangtze River

  6. Project II: Climate Sailing • Visit by boat 15 cities along the Yangtze River and visit the schools in those towns that have joined the program (school teams will need to organize presentation day with all ten schools together) – crew 5 people • Showcase that green energy works, we rebuild the boat that it runs on solar energy and biodiesel made of waste materials • While sailing we will record sightings of porpoises • take water samples at the same locations where the Baiji Foundation did research in 2006 Date: June 1 – August 31 2010 Budget: Euro: 30,000 Green Power on the Yangtze River

  7. Project III: ART • A Chinese and Dutch upcoming artist are invited to paint the boat in the theme of Climate Change • To showcase that we need to work together , to tackle the problem of climate change • Because 2010 is the year of the WorldExpo and this project is promoted through the Rotterdam Pavilion • Because Marinedream Foundation is active in Shanghai and Rotterdam Date: May 1 – May 15th 2010 Budget: Euro 5,000 Green Power on the Yangtze River

  8. Project IV: Documentation • During the trip Marinedream crew will interview residents, experts in the field and students with our video cam • We will make daily updates on the website • The painting of the boat will be documented by Venour • All productions will be used on our and partner websites and and Date: May 1st – September 15th Budget: Euro 3,000 Green Power on the Yangtze River

  9. Where does the project take place? • 15 cities along the Yangtze River: JiangJin, Yibin, FengJie, Jiujiang, ChongQing, LuZhou, Nanjing, Nantong, Tongling, WanZhou, Wuhan, Wuhu, Zhenjiang, ZhongXian ,Shanghai END: Shanghai START: Yibin Green Power on the Yangtze River

  10. Our target groups Target Group I: Chinese students 12 – 18 years • Youth is the future of a country • Easier to change a younger generation then the old guard • They can become ambassadors and reach out to parents and friends • We reach them through the schools that join; we contact the schools through cold calls Target Group II: Local Governments and local media • Start discussion what the local situation is and what can be done to improve • Local media motivates and informs local residents • we reach them by inviting them to attend the presentation day of school teams Target Group III: General Public • General Public is informed about our programs and actions • We inspire them to join our programs • We reach them through mass media: internet, radio, newspapers and TV Green Power on the Yangtze River

  11. Media Plan We are currently in discussion with MSN as our main online news portal • Marinedream will upload on a daily basis during the trip content including GPS coordinates • Online visitors will be able to follow the trip via Bing maps Green Power on the Yangtze River

  12. Education Project Status and Timeline

  13. Climate Sailing Project Status and Timeline : : : Green Power on the Yangtze River

  14. ART Project Status and Timeline Green Power on the Yangtze River

  15. Credentials MARINEDREAM FOUNDATION • Official Website: • Marine Dream’s mission is to use education as a tool to create a greener environment. • We have developed several programs among others the Aqualife series: AIESEC • Official Website: • AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run organization, is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential to have a positive impact on society. •  AIESEC in Numbers • Active in over 1700 universities worldwide • Active in over 110 countries and territories • 5,000 leadership opportunities annually • Chinese network of over 2,500 university students and recent graduates Green Power on the Yangtze River

  16. Appendices and Contact Details • Yangtze River Plan version 2.0 • Yangzte River plan summary • Sponsorship overview • School Proposal • Marinedream Credentials • School attendance progress report Contact Details: Marinedream Foundation Julie Adams Managing Director Tel: +86 159 2130 8958 Email: Office 412, 223 Xikang Road, 200040 Shanghai Green Power on the Yangtze River