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  1. Journal By: Al Jazi Al Thani

  2. Activity one 8/05/11 Today we did quite a lot of team building activities, Each lasted around fifteen minutes. My class and I started off at station one which was with Mrs. Pomiecinska. We first had to arrange ourselves into two groups, girls and boys. Then we were told to arrange ourselves in order of our birthdates, no one won.

  3. Activity two The second activity was with Mrs. Jawad we had to balance a ball on a piece of wood with eight members in total. One of the groups managed to do so and I am very proud of them.

  4. Activity three In this activity we had three blocks and we had to use them to get all the girls from one side of the MPH to the other. The boys had to do the same. There was a few rules one of them was if you fell of the block you have to return to the safe zone. Also if you don’t use a block for more then three seconds it gets taken away.

  5. Activity four In this activity my class was with Mr. Smith, we had to guide a blindfolded partner through a bunch of cones and cups. Also a partner had to guide me through the same field. The girls won and had an enormous amount of time to relax whilst the boys struggled a bit.

  6. Activity five This activity was one where you were blindfolded and was directed on how to get through an obstacle course with the help if your partner. My partner and I got through with a few minor difficulties but understood what to do next time to improve ourselves.

  7. Lunch Today we had lunch at CMU for whatever reason we did and I’m we did because the food there is 200 times better then the food in school.

  8. Poster • The last activity we were supposed to do create a poster with a group. That poster had to have a symbol on it which represented each and every member of the group as well as a learner profile. Since there was a fire alarm that was held back and we had to finish during our reflection time.

  9. Poster When we started the poster my group and I had some difficulties, they were mostly to do with staying on task. It took us a while but I think we finally overcame that difficulty. Our symbol was a skull with a sickle through his head, that represented all three boys. We also added a bow and lipstick which represented me.