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Kazakhstan. AME Education Sector Profile. Kazakhstan. Education System Structure and Enrollments 2008. Education Structure. Source: World Development Indicators, UNESCO Institute for Statistics. Kazakhstan. Education Structure.

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  1. Kazakhstan AME Education Sector Profile

  2. Kazakhstan Education System Structure and Enrollments 2008 Education Structure Source: World Development Indicators, UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

  3. Kazakhstan Education Structure • Compulsory education age in Kazakhstan is from 7-17. • Gross enrollments over 100% indicate many overage children accessing education Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics, World Bank EdStats

  4. Kazakhstan Education Access: Pre-university • Primary and secondary net enrollments have grown little since 2000. • Lower secondary has increased 14% over the last eight years mostly because of over-aged children entering the system. Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics, World Bank EdStats

  5. Kazakhstan • The number of 4 year students in tertiary education has almost doubled since 2000 while the number of students studying for an advanced degree has declined by more than half. Education Access: Tertiary Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics

  6. Kazakhstan • Boys’ and girls’ enrollments strangely mirror each other for the most part. • Secondary enrollments for both groups are declining 2-3% every 2 years. Education Access: Gender Source: World Bank EdStats

  7. Kazakhstan Education Quality: Completion • Boys’ and girls’ completion rates follow similar patterns. • Girls complete in slightly higher numbers than do boys. Source: World Bank EdStats

  8. Kazakhstan • Kazakhstan participated in the TIMSS 2007 for grade 4. • Kazakhstan ranked 5th out of 36 participating countries on the math survey with an average score of 549. • Grade 4 Kazakh students achieved an average score of 533 on the science survey and were ranked 11 out of 36 participating countries. • 95% of Kazakh students who took the surveys placed from the lowest to the highest benchmarks. • 19% of Kazakh students placed in the advanced benchmark of 625 on the math survey. Education Quality: Testing Source: Trends in International Math and Science Study 2007

  9. Kazakhstan Education Efficiency: Expenditure • The Kazakhstan government spent 3.6% of the GDP (2007) and 12.1% of total government spending (2005) on education. Source: World Bank EdStats. Government of Republic of Kazakhstan www. en.government.kz

  10. Kazakhstan Education Efficiency: Repetition • Primary repetition is extremely minimal at 0.1%. Source: World Bank EdStats

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