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Kazakhstan. By, Mackenzie Olesen. Geography. slightly less than 4 times the size of Texas 2,724,900 square km cold winters and hot summers arid and semiarid. General Information. Population: 15,522,373 male: 7,476,377 female: 8,046000

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  1. Kazakhstan • By, Mackenzie Olesen

  2. Geography

  3. slightly less than 4 times the size of Texas • 2,724,900 square km • cold winters and hot summers • arid and semiarid

  4. General Information • Population: 15,522,373 • male: 7,476,377 • female: 8,046000 • Religions: Muslim 47%, Russian Orthodox 44%, Protestant 2%, Other 7%

  5. Ethnic Groups:Kazakh 63.1%, Russian 23.7%, Uzbek 2.8%, Ukrainian 2.1%, Uighur 1.4%, Tatar 1.3%, German 1.1%, Other 4.5% • Languages: Kazakh 64.4%, Russian 95% • Official Language: Kazakh

  6. Education • Literacy: 99.5% • Male: 99.8% • Female:99.3% • Education Expediters: 2.8% of GDP

  7. Health • Infant Mortality Rates: 24.15deaths/1,000 live births • Male: 28.44deaths/ 1,000 live births • Female: 19.62deaths/ 1,000 live births • Life Expectancy: 68.51 years • Male: 63.24 years,Female: 74 years

  8. Government • Type: Republic • Current Leader: President Nursultan Nazarbayev • Stability: very stabile

  9. Economics • GDP per Capita: $12,700 • Industry: oil coal, iron ore, manganese, chromite, lead, zinc, copper, titanium, bauxite, gold, silver, phosphates, sulfur, uranium, iron, steel, tractors and other agricultural machinery, electric motors, construction materials

  10. Relationship with the United States • We were the first country to recognize Kazakhstan on December 25, 1991 • It won its independence from Russia December 14, 1991 • We helped them with the removal of nuclear warheads, weapon-grade materials, and their supporting infrastructure • Kazakhstan renounced nuclear weapons in 1993 • The U.S. spent $240 million in the assisting the removal of the weapons • Between 1992-2005 the U.S. has provided roughly $1.205 billion in technical assistance and investment support for Kazakhstan • 2006 became the first country to share directly in the cost of a U.S. government’s foreign assistance program • We provide U.S. business internships for Kazakhstanis • We support their businesses through a matchmaker program

  11. Sharia • “Kazakhstan has set its sights on becoming a regional Islamic finance country by 2020 and largely to help move in that direction, the government is keen to support and promote Islamic banking activities wherever possible.” says Prasad Abraham, chief executive of the Kazakhstan branch of Abu Dhabi’s Al Hilal Bank • Kazakhstan is only interested in Islamic finance • But some people are skeptical if that will help them financially • Sharia-compliant IDB played a large role in introducing Islamic Banking to Kazakhstan • Sharia does not influence the government

  12. Human Rights • The people do not have many freedoms • Outsiders are closely watched • Forcibly returned at least 28 Uzbeks to Uzbekistan which put them in danger • The government’s immigration policies and protection gaps expose migrants to abuse • They have a horrible human rights record • The people are being repressed • The government is denying health care benefits to those that need it • Nicholas Sarkozy, the president of France has told Kazakhstan that they need to make human rights reforms • They sentenced their leading human rights defender to 4 years of prison in an unfair trial • The judge would not let his lawyer defend him or use witnesses

  13. There are no media freedoms • There are very few human rights developments • They have flawed and unfair elections • Kazakhstan does not use torture • They have bad judges • Kazakhstan sometimes gets rid of refugees(ex. the Uzbeks) • Due process is a little shaky but is still there • Women have equal rights • Minorities have equal rights • There are no cruel and unusual punishments- criminals go to jail • Kazakhstan is similar to the U.S. but there is no death penalty

  14. Current Event • Kazakhstan has a partnership with the European Union • They have a 3 year program called the ”Path to Europe” which has run since 2009 • Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized an international conference • European Union is Kazakhstan’s leading trade investment partner • Kazakhstan also has a partnership with France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the U.K. • In a way Kazakhstan is a part of Europe • “I notice a special identity of your country in every discussion that takes place in Paris and other European capitals,” says Roland Dumas, France’s ex-Foreign Minister and former president of the Constitutional Council • Roland Dumas also participated in the development of Kazakhstan’s constitution of 1995

  15. Igor Rogov, the Chairman of Kazakhstan’s Constitutional Council, also participated in the development of Kazakhstan’s Constitution and was at the conference • The conference also consisted of ambassadors of a few European countries • There were also heads of relevant state bodies of Kazakhstan there • The E.U. is responsible for 50% of Kazakhstan’s foreign trade and 1/3 of their investments • The European countries are also giving Kazakhstan lots of money • They contribute to the implementation of Kazakhstan’s Program for Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development(PAIID) • They have worked together on security issues • The program is the development of a partnership between Kazakhstan and the E.U. • They also moving towards signing a document oriented toward long-term goals

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