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Kazakhstan. Official Name: Republic of Kazakhstan Capital: Astana Population: 15.29 million Languages: Russian (official), Kazakh (state language) Literacy: Male: [100%]; Female: [99%] Independence Day: Dec. 16, 1991 Currency: Tenge 1 U.S. dollar = 147.63 Kazakhstani Tenge

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  1. Kazakhstan

  2. Official Name: Republic of Kazakhstan • Capital: Astana • Population: 15.29 million • Languages: Russian (official), Kazakh (state language) • Literacy: Male: [100%]; Female: [99%] • Independence Day: Dec. 16, 1991 • Currency: Tenge 1 U.S. dollar = 147.63 Kazakhstani Tenge • Religion: • Islam 47% • Russian Orthodox 44% basics

  3. Government Type: Republic President:NursultanNazarbayev Prime Minister: KarimMasimov Government

  4. Largest city with 1.3 million people • Began as the Almaty settlement in the 3rd century BC. • In 1854 it was a fort for Russian Empire. • The city was named Vernyi and later Alma-Ata Almaty

  5. Named for the cara-gana bush • Coal mining town • During World War II, the Germans evacuated a large coal industry to Karaganda Karaganda

  6. December 10, 1997 was renamed to Akmola • Also became the capital of Kazakhstan • May 6, 1998 it was renamed to Astana Astana Baiterek Tower

  7. The first Kazakhs were nomads who live in yurts and raised sheep, horses and goats Under Mongol rule in the 13th century Conquered by Russia in the 18th century Became part of the Kirgiz Autonomous “Independent” Republic formed by the Soviets in 1920 In 1925 name changed to Kazakh ASSR history

  8. Soviets made the Kazakhs settle on large farms Encouraged the settlement of large numbers of Russians Much of Kazakhstan was used as a nuclear weapons testing area Became independent in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed 1/3 of the government’s operations were eliminated in 1997 And the capital was moved from Almaty to Astana History continued

  9. Area: 1.05 million square miles 9th largest country in the world It is the largest landlocked country About 4 times the size of Texas It is bordered by China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan Geography

  10. Cold winters and hot summers like here Much of the country has little rainfall When the Soviet Union was in power they irrigated much of the land Climate and land use

  11. Kazakhstan is a large producer of coal, oil, and natural gas Mining is one of the biggest causes of Kazakhstan's economic growth They mine iron ore, Lead, zinc, copper, gold, silver, etc. Land use continued

  12. Work force distribution: Agriculture: 28.2% Industry: 18.2% Other: 53.6% Jobs and work force Kazakhstan produces a lot of wheat, cotton, and livestock

  13. The Kazakhstan Armed Forces: • Ground Forces, Navy, Air Mobile Forces, Air Defense Forces • About 8 million men and women fit for military service • Compared to the United States 145 million Military

  14. Kazakhstan is bidding on the 2014 Winter Olympics. If they win the Olympics will most likely be in Almaty. Kazakhstan has 15% of the world's uranium resources India and Kazakhstan recently signed an agreement for peaceful use of nuclear energy Another current event is the shrinking Aral Sea Current events

  15. In the first half of the 20th century it was the 4th largest lake in the world • In 1960 the Soviet Union started irrigating water to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan from sources of the Aral Sea • Problems: • leaving behind endless plains where water used to be • hotter summers and colder winters • destroying local fishing industries • massive, disease spreading dust storms Focus- The Aral sea

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