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“A Journey to the walls of world’s past” PowerPoint Presentation
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“A Journey to the walls of world’s past”

“A Journey to the walls of world’s past”

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“A Journey to the walls of world’s past”

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  1. Afro -asian literature “A Journey to the walls of world’s past”

  2. Essential Question: How does diversity contribute to unity?

  3. Unit Question: How does the study of Afro-Asian Literature help you increase your communicative competence?

  4. content Question: 1.What are the five parts of movie review? 2.What is collocations?

  5. Learning Objectives: • Employ appropriate listening skills when listening to descriptive and long narrative text Comprehension) (Listening • Evaluate content, elements, features, and properties of reading or viewing selection using a set of criteria developed in consultation. (Reading Comprehension) • Discern positive and negative messages conveyed by a program viewed. (Viewing Comprehension) • React appropriately and provide suggestions based on an established fact. (Viewing Comprehension) • Decode the meaning of unfamiliar words using structural analysis. (Viewing Comprehension) • Follow tasked-based directions shown after viewing. (Viewing Comprehension)

  6. Learning Objectives: • Interpret the big ideas/key concepts implied by the facial expressions of interlocutors. (Viewing Comprehension) • Use collocations of difficult words as aids in unlocking vocabulary. (Vocabulary Development) • Show understanding and appreciation for the different genres with emphasis on types contributed by Asian countries. (Literature) • Communicate thoughts and feelings in write-ups of summary results, notes, etc. using appropriate styles (Writing and Composition) • Use varied adjective complementation and formulates correct complex, compound-complex sentences and appropriate parenthetical expression. (Grammar Skills) Uses writing conventions to indicate acknowledgement of resources. (Study Strategies)

  7. Unit Summary Students research the historical background of Afro-Asian literature and look for different literature piece. After watching the movie, student critics the movie and write a movie review. Students will write down its elements using the advance/graphic organizer. Students work in teams to make plans and products targeting their chosen literary piece. Students will apply the movie that they will review to real life situation, not only understanding our own cultures but also understanding others cultures. For the project, each team will find a movie adaption of Malaysian/Singaporean literary piece (reflecting their diverse cultural heritage) watch it, and write a review about it, with the aid of advance organizer or PowerPoint presentation.

  8. Targeted Content Standards And Benchmarks • Explore in the internet especially in YouTube look/watch for these three intangible heritage expressions. • Express opinions writing and write movie review of the short film using different graphic organizer. • Scrutinize in YouTube about making a “filmed” movie review. • Reflect and understand about the relationship of literature and the diversity of cultural heritage of Afro-Asians (as seen in traditions and beliefs) • How this understanding affects your communicative competence. Find out how this diversity of cultural heritage can lead to unity, peace and harmony.

  9. Calendar of Activities Week 1 Day 1 - Unit Introduction Day 2 - Discussion for the Essential and Unit Question - Groupings for the report - PowerPoint presentation of teacher about “On Culture , On Multiculturalism, and on Literature” Day 3 - First group reporting “Afro-Asian Literature” - After the report they have the Interactive Quiz Day 4 - 2nd reporters about the “How to Write Movie Review” - Watching movie then apply the 5 parts of how to write movie review Day 5 - 3rd reporters will discuss the “Collocations” - then students will do the “Seeing Reason Tools”

  10. Calendar of Activities Week 2 Day 1 - Presenting the African literature piece by group 4 Day 2 - Group 5 will present the Asian literary piece. Day 3 - PowerPoint presentation for the example of the movie review project. Students group their selves for project brainstorming. Day 4 - Student presenting to the teacher their literary piece that they select for their movie review project. Day 5 - Watching video clip about elements of drama.

  11. Calendar of Activities Week 3 Day 1 - Students must submit their output for their PowerPoint presentation for the movie review. And prepare for oral defense. Day 2 - Group 1 and 2 oral presentation. Day 3 - Group 3 and 4 oral presentation. Day 4 - Group 5 oral presentation Day 5 - Reflection Activity

  12. Reference: How to make a movie review AdaApdDenganCintamovie Collocation Afro - Asian Literature

  13. Let’s Enjoy the journey of the historical walls of world’s past!!