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Inside Parallels Operations Automation PowerPoint Presentation
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Inside Parallels Operations Automation

Inside Parallels Operations Automation

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Inside Parallels Operations Automation

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  1. Inside Parallels Operations Automation Matt Leonard, Director Automation Product Marketing

  2. Parallels Products – Optimized Computing Consumer & Business (On Premise) Service Provider(Hosted & SaaS) Usage Model Automation ParallelsPlesk Products Parallels Business Automation Parallels Operations Automation Parallels Virtual Automation Parallels Operations Automation Parallels Virtual Automation Solutions Virtualization The best of both worlds with Hypervisorand OS Virtualization Parallels Workstation Parallels Desktop ParallelsVirtuozzo Containers Parallels Server Baremetal/ Hosted X86/x64 Windows Hyper-V Linux Mac OS Xen VMware IA64 Heterogeneous System Support 2 Parallels – Optimized ComputingTM

  3. What is Parallels Operations Automation Parallels Operations Automation is an Operations Support System for Service Providersthat enables delivery of any application or service in a hosted environment which increases revenue per user, decrease costs and shorten time to market

  4. Why do you need Unified Platform • Automate FULL lifecycle • Deliver FULL range of services • Integrate deliver and back office • Provide a SINGLE point of access for staff • Provide a SIGNLE point of access for customers 1/14/2009 “T1R believes the future of hosting in the mass market is about being a one-stop shop for delivery of a wide range of hosted services. As we argued recently, hosting is now as much about the overall package and suite of product and services as it is about core stand-alone products such as Exchange or shared hosting. Without a unified platform, customers will not be able to access multiple products and services from a single interface. …A unified platform helps position the hoster as a true one-stop shop, and it allows customers to add on product and services easily and efficiently – contributing to the hoster's bottom line. Provisioning times will also be greatly improved as customers can log on with a credit card, purchase what they need in a few clicks and have what they purchased up and running literally within minutes. It is this kind of speed and efficiency that the sector must continue striving for.”

  5. Build vs. Buy • Development of the system – is never ending process.. • Complexity of the system constantly grows • Invest more and more into development and maintenance • System covers too many areas - need experts in dozens of areas • System is not static • New OSs • New Technologies (Windows Server 2008, Exchange 2007, WSS3 – in 2008 alone) • New Service Offerings

  6. Parallels Automation: Service and Value Creation • Automating full lifecycle of hosted service and software • Installation, provisioning, management, configuration, upgrades, backup, monitoring, DR, license management • For you, your customers, your resellers, end-users, and affiliates • For single tenant, multi-tenant and service applications • For admin, support, finance, marketing and sales personnel • Allowing to deliver full range of services and applications • Sophisticated, integrated, broad and profitable service offerings • For consumers, SOHO, SMB, and enterprise • For variety of vertical industries • In multiple geographies and under multiple brands • With fully integrated back-office • Billing, ordering, invoicing, service management, business intelligence, help-desk, customer communication, etc.

  7. Parallels Operation Automation: Value • Increase Revenue per User • Become a one-stop-shop – own your customers • Leverage your existing customer base by offering more applications and Services • Make it easy to purchase additional services • Unify the end-user experience • Decrease Costs • Reduce R&D costs. • Avoid managing multiple systems • Focus on value - buy commodity. Commodity does not mean simple. • Automate routine tasks • Shorten Time to Market • Eliminate time delays for new service creation in OSS and BSS development • Service plans can be created by Product Managers without developers • Roll out new business models faster

  8. Parallels Operations Automation: Core ProvisioningDe-provisioning Monitoring SubscriptionsManagement NetworkManagement Service PlanManagement Alerts and Notifications Customer Self Service ServerManagement ParallelsAutomation BrandingCustomizations ApplicationManagement Multi-TierResellers Event Management Localization Securityand Audit LicenseManagement

  9. Parallels Operations Automation: Larger Picture Back Office ERP CRM APS Catalog Marketplace Domain Registrar Payment Gw Services Integrate • Archiving • GlobalRelay ParallelsAutomation • Messaging Security • MessageLabs • MX Logic • Postini Hosted Externally Services Integrate Provision Billing Helpdesk Infrastructure Provision Parallels Containers Good Mobile 200+ APS Apps SSL Parallels Plesk Panel MySQL MS SQL MS SharePoint MS Exchange Parallels Server Apache MS CRM MS IIS PostgreSQL Blackberry Open-Exchange Hosted Internally

  10. Parallels Operations automation: Future Directions Back Office ERP CRM APS Catalog Marketplace Domain Registrar Payment Gw PBA 5.0 New and Better Services Integrate • Archiving • GlobalRelay ParallelsAutomation • Messaging Security • MessageLabs • MX Logic • Postini Hosted Externally Services Integrate Provision Billing Better Infrastructure Helpdesk Provision Parallels Containers Good Mobile Tighter APS Catalog Integration 200+ APS Apps More APS Apps Plesk MySQL MS SQL MS SharePoint Parallels Plesk Panel 9 OCS 2007 Parallels Plesk Panel Mass-Update Marketplace Parallels Server Exchange 14 Update Service High-Density Apache MS Exchange Parallels Server Apache MS CRM PostgreSQL Blackberry Open-Exchange MS SQL 2008 Hyper-V Hosted Internally Hosted Internally

  11. Increase Revenue Per User: More Services No system in the market does what PA does! Delegated Management of all IT and Services on Large Scale And Complete Back-office Automation

  12. Increase Revenue per User: Apps/Saas Resource Centered User-Applications Centered TimeTracking Live Meeting MS CRM Traffic DB SharePoint DiskSpace Blackberry ExchangeMailbox Domains

  13. Parallels Automation & APS Catalog • APS Catalog: 200+ appspackaged in APS standard • Browse available applications directly from the Parallels Operations Automation, downloadand install • Catalog:

  14. SaaS – APS - Delivery Scenarios Scenario 1Shared Web Apps Scenario 2Legacy Single Tenant Apps in Containers Scenario 3Multi-Tenant App on Single Platform Shared Web Server Application Server Application Server Web Server Container 1 Application 1 Customer 1 Web Dir App 1 Customer Instance 1 App 1 Customer Instance 2 Container 2 App 2 App 2 Customer Instance N Customer 2 Web Dir App 1 Local ApplicationRepository Local ApplicationRepository POA Management Node POA Management Node POA Management Node Central ApplicationRepository Central ApplicationRepository

  15. Parallels Operations Automation: Architecture Control PanelServer Control PanelServer ApplicationServer ApplicationServer LinuxServer WindowsServer Parallels VirtuozzoContainers Server Parallels Server Agent Application Application Container Container Application Application Agent Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Agent Agent

  16. Will it Work for Me? • Thousands of Features • Highly Customizable • Can be integrated with your existing systems • Hundreds of very unique Customers running PA • Fits different business models

  17. Conclusion • Complex and Sophisticated Commodity • Feature-rich core integrated with 100s of “eco-system” components • Differentiate with • Unique Technology and Application Offerings • Unique bundles to address target audience • Unique Business model • Unique Sales and Marketing • Unique industries or market segments • Unique Processes and Operational Efficiency • Time to market

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