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25 steps to a killer logo design PowerPoint Presentation
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25 steps to a killer logo design

25 steps to a killer logo design

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25 steps to a killer logo design

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  2. • Logo is what your business all about it reflects your credibility & identity online & offline both. • Have you imagined why super successful business brands are actually into that position. • The game is of recognition. The more memorable you are the more buyers get attracted when they see your products or services. • But wait what recognize them of you when they see your products or services? It’s the logo! Yes logo does it all for you. We all know what a logo can do while branding. ©

  3. • Today we have pinned 25 tips that will help you to design a logo that will not only be memorable but will also groom the brand online. • “Create something that is different, that you believe in, that is not out there anywhere” • Follow these 25 steps that will head you towards stunning logo design. Here we go. ©

  4. • Don’t use Shortcuts – Avoid ready-made templates or ready to use logo designs. You will have to make numerous changes later. They are neither cheap nor they save time. • Have Patience – Logo designing can be a frustrating task instead of being fun. That’s why have patience & stick to what you are doing. ©

  5. • Avoid stereotype formula – Don’t go behind concepts that are overused, you will get a lot of new things online. Search for it. • Personality – A good logo depicts serious persona of your product or services on buyers. If this idea is not conveyed it could end up in a mess. • Not necessary to define exactly everything – Logo should be interesting, it is not important to exactly portray everything about products or services in a logo. You can go beyond this. ©

  6. • Don’t Copy Paste – If you come across a good logo doesn’t mean you are entitled to use it for yourself. Remember it’s someone else hard work & creativity. • If you like, others will like – That’s not true everytime, your likes & dislikes are at par, it is your audience who decides whether it’s good or not. Give it a test run. • They don’t have whole day – It takes few seconds to scan everything from logo to content online. Hence you have fraction of seconds to attract viewers. ©

  7. • Keep it Simple Silly! – Nobody remembers complex things. Make it simple & easy to memorize. • Logo size – It is not implied that large logos will work & the same is with small ones. The logo size must be recognizable. Pixels must be limited for extra details. • Fonts – Avoid using more than 2 fonts at a time. You are designing a logo not a menu. ©

  8. • Logo Shape – Keep it horizontal even if you opt for any particular shape. Don’t use distraction elements. • Icons – Icons represents the logo idea best, they can be used everywhere & are easy to remember. • Logo Taglines – They are good but do not work in small size logos. So use it wisely. ©

  9. • Logo colors – Logo colors are not about what is your favourite color but it should be about what your products or services wants to convey to the viewer. • Color Selection – Colors speak & that’s true, each color conveys different message they have strong bond with each other. • How many colors to use? – We have come across single & multi color logos that are super successful. Colors limited to one or two in a logo is advisable. If you are designing a multi color logo try the same in single color too. ©

  10. • Special Effects – They might not work everytime. Special effects are just an eye candy giving pain to the retina if not used properly. • Test it from multi dimensions – Test your logo by viewing it from different angles, up & down, sideways just to make sure that it is no different from what you were going to make. • Don’t throw away your rough sketches – Yes, if your design is approved don’t throw away the rough sketches. Who knows when your approved logo gets disapproved? ©

  11. • Format – Your logo must be in vector format. In vector formats they can be easily edited. • Multiple file formats – We advised above to use logo in vector format for easy editing, but also they should be available in different file formats like JPEG, PNG, PSD etc. after all they are going to be used for various online purposes. • Never change your logo – If you are bored with it give it a redesign, but don’t change it on the whole provided you have legitimate reasons. ©

  12. • Be creative – Yes, be creative, do enough research & developments beforehand. Take reference of famous logos. • Never make To-Do list! – Yes, creativity is self inspired it is not an AM to PM Job. Don’t design a logo according to any “LOGO TO – DO LIST”. Not even this one. ©

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