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AdvizeX Internal Sales Training 101 PowerPoint Presentation
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AdvizeX Internal Sales Training 101

AdvizeX Internal Sales Training 101

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AdvizeX Internal Sales Training 101

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  1. Integrated Data Solutions – Big Data “Information without limits” AdvizeX Internal Sales Training 101

  2. Today’s Agenda • Introductions • Big Data • Opportunities • AdvizeX Service Solutions Offering • Value • Process • Timeline

  3. What Makes it Big Data? SOCIAL 101100101001001001101010101011100101010100100101 BLOG SMARTMETER VOLUME VELOCITY VARIETY VALUE “Data that cannot be turned into business value fast enough”

  4. Where Does Big Data Come From? • Structured: aka "Process-mediated": • Examples: ERP, CRM , POS • Characteristics: transactional, referential, relational, Traditionally IT managed • Semi-Structured: aka "Machine-generated” • Examples: XML, JSON, Network Logs, Sensor Data • Characteristics: Well suited to computer processing but massive in Volume and accumulation, often too large for EDW • Unstructured: aka "Human-sourced": • Examples: CDR, Doctor's Notes, Social Media, Audio, Video, comment fields • Characteristics: subjective record of personal experiences, structuring required to realize value This is your data. This is placeholder text for whatever best represents the structured and unstructured data you want to query. tis, justo epellentesquemetus, et sollicitudindiamlectuseusapien. Cum sociis natoquepenatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nasceturridiculu s Do 40% more of this rhonmus cusaliquam, massamaurispor ta tortor, velportaodio ligula a elit. Sedlaoreet, lectus ac dapibus placerat, nullaturpislacin ialectus, egethendrerit n ibhmaurisvel ligula. Sed a nisl dolor, a tinciduntleo. ab Machine Generated Data Process Mediated Data Human Sourced Data

  5. What is ‘Big Data’? – A Real World Example • Sensor data from a Boeing jet flying from New York to Los Angeles 20 TB 2 6 28,537 365 20 terabytes of information per engine every hour twin-engine Boeing 737 six-hour, cross-country flight from New York to Los Angeles # of commercial flights in the sky in the United States on any given day. days in a year 2,499,841,200 TB

  6. Who is Using ‘Big Data’?

  7. Why is Business Struggling with Big Data? Business Needs Current Solutions Do Not Scale to Meet Modern Business Requirements! • IT Struggling to Meet Business Demand • Poorly Defined, Poorly Prioritized, or Conflicting Business Objectives • Vendor FUD and Confusion • Disparate Systems & Data • Limited Skills and Resources • Classic 4V’s Struggles • System Performance & Capacity • Variety of Applications and DB’s • Lack Clear Strategic Vision & Planning Technology

  8. Business Intelligence is Driving Big Data The Analytical Tools Continuum Sense & Respond Predict & Act Optimization What is the best that could happen? Predictive Modeling Competitive Advantage Generic Predictive Analytics Ad Hoc Reports & OLAP What will happen? Standard Reports CleanedData Why did it happen? RawData What happened? Analytics Maturity The key is unlocking data to move decision making from sense & respond to predict & act

  9. SAP Market Analysis • Database and Technology • Represents a $30B business in NA by 2016 • Major vendors are Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Teradata, SAP and other. • SAP Stated Goal is 40% through In-Direct Channels • SAP Current Marketshare is 5% growing to 9% by 2016 • SAP Revenue by 2016 is $1.5B • HANA is the game changer • Will Drive a Converged Solution across HW, Storage, SW and Services • Business Analytics • Represents a $6.6B business in NA by 2016 • Major vendors are Oracle/Hyperion, IBM/Cognos, Microsoft, SAP/BOBJ, Tableau, Qlikview and other. • SAP Stated Goal is 40% through In-Direct Channels • SAP Current Marketshare is 17% growing to 22% by 2016 • SAP Revenue by 2016 is $1.452B • HANA will Drive Predictive Analytics around Big Data Business Outcomes • Integral Part of a Converged Solution

  10. What is SAP HANA What is SAP HANASAP HANA Enterprise is an in-memory computing appliance that combines SAP database software with pre-tuned server, storage, and networking hardware. Technically A massively parallel processing data store that melds row-base, column-base, and object-based storage techniques. Business Value It is designed to support real-time analytic and transactional processing. HANA

  11. AdvizeX Integrated Data Solution Offering Business Intelligence Visualization Data Consolidation & Migration Integration Configuration Implementation Optimization

  12. Big Data Opportunity Lifecycle Solutions & Services at Any Point in the Big Data Lifecycle • Consulting Services • Analyze & improve efficiencies through alignment of strategic business initiatives, architectural planning, and development of Big Data Strategies • Visualization • Configuration of Business Intelligence tools to improve decision making process through more relevant and accurate information Business Analytics Performance Acceleration Maintenance & Support Applications Design Big Data Strategy • Integration • Integration & Data Consolidation, Application and Database Migration to new platform • Managed Support Services • Maintain & Support SAP HANA environment through long-term support contracts and industry best practices • Optimization • Configuration & implementation of hardware and software technologies to increase performance of Data Management

  13. AdvizeX Integrated Service Offering • Rolta Data AdvisoRTM • ROLTA Rapid HANATM • ROLTA SmartMigrateTM • Migration Services to SAP HANA • Migration to Vertica • Database Management Services • Data Managed Services • Backup and Recovery

  14. AdvizeX Big Data Capabilities • Infrastructure Sizing • Proper Placement of Flash – Server, Network, Array • SAP HANA In-Memory Appliance • Physical - scale up and scale out appliances from HP and VCE • Virtual – Currently supported in non-production • Hadoop • Physical – scale out servers and/or scale out storage, HP AppSystem • Virtual – VMware Serengeti, Cloudera • HP Vertica Database • Oracle • Big Data Appliance, Exalytics In-Memory Appliance, Exadata Database Machine • EMC XtremIO Flash Array • Infrastructure Performance • Tool-based analysis of current Analytics applications to discover bottlenecks • SAP HANA Services • Oracle Services • Oracle BI, OBIEE, Hyperion Design and Implementation

  15. WIIFM • Average Deal Size: $300k • Pull through Solution - Includes Services, Hardware, Software, Managed Services • Expected Software & Hardware Margin: 15% • Professional Services Estimated an Additional 20% in Revenue at 35% Margin • Leading with HANA is 3X Greater than Just Hardware • Cardinal Heath – $3M, $600K GP

  16. Prospect Checklist • SAP Client • Business Analytics • Data Management • Business Intelligence / Interactive Dashboards / Reporting • Relevant & Accuracy Reporting Issues • Lack of Visibility into Business Performance • Proof of Concept / Product Evaluation • Difficulty Quantifying Value of Big Data • Lack of Experience or Skill Set with Big Data Technologies • Migration of Application to SAP HANA • Big Data Initiative / or Strategy • Business Objects (BobJ) • Management or Support of SAP HANA • Rapidly Changing Need for Enhancements • Migration of Data Base to SAP HANA • Disparate Data in Multiple Systems and/or Applications

  17. Leading with a Solution • Pull Through Opportunity Application Integration, Business Intelligence Tools, Storage, DR, Business Continuity, Configuration, Implementation, Managed Services, Software and Hardware • What is driving it? Demand for Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence, Performance, Competition, Innovation • Who owns it? 40- 50% of IT budget is going to Lines of Business • Who to talk to? COO, CFO, CMO, CIO – A Transformational Business Solution • What is the solution? Combination of Hardware, Software, and Services • Competition? Most SAP partners are aligned with a product, not a solution. The opportunity to provide a comprehensive view and solution create a signification competitive differentiator • Value? • Technology Agnostic • Consultative Engagement • Comprehensive Solution • Aligns IT with Business • Reduce Risk

  18. Topics of Conversation Uncover the reasons behind the need for change • What are the data requirements from marketing, operations, finance, and sales? • What line of business did the Big Data initiative come from? • How do you expect the volume of data will increase over time? • What are the performance expectations? • What solutions have you been looking at? • Will this initiative need to be a highly available solution? • What analytics does it drive? What line of business will it most impact? • How many report request do you have a week, a month? • Do you have a Big Data Strategy? • What do you think are some of your Data Management Issues? • What will the increase in performance have on the relevance & accuracy? • How do you anticipate this scaling over time? • What do you anticipate the administration and support costs for the next 5 years? • Do you have plans to consolidate or migrate applications and databases for this initiative? • What types of data are you collecting? From What Sources?

  19. Sales Process Scope Alignment • Lead Customer Meetings • Gather Business Requirements • Gather Technical Requirements • Create Architecture Diagrams • Build Configurations • Create Customer Proposals Client Solution Value

  20. William Carroll • VK Moorthy • TBD Qualify • Solution Architects • Qualify, Develop Solution • Lead Team in Proposals & SOW’s • Work with Delivery Teams • HP Vertica • Business Intelligence • Application Integration • SAP HANA • Architecture • HANA Configuration • New Hire in October Scope Client Solution Alignment Value

  21. Deal Registration • Why it is important? • Leaving money on the table – Don’t register = No margin • Do it early in the sales cycle & include Business Objects • Leverage SA for complete solution opportunity scope • We are using Synnex – Tiffany will walk you through • Additional training will be provided by Synnex Tiffany Chapman Synnex Corporation (864) 349-4349 (800) 456-4822 x4349

  22. Success Stories • (2) 2TB HP Scale-Out SAP HANA Appliances • $2.55M in SAP HANA Licenses (Sold Direct) • (2) Large, (1) Small HP SAP HANA Appliances • $1.1M in HANA SW and $1.1M in BOBJ (Sold Direct)

  23. SAP HANA AdvizeX Delivery Capability Onsite Offshore • Managed Services Dir • Dir Delivery • Dir Delivery • HANA DB • Tim Igo • Scott Rhyan

  24. Milestone Projected Timeline Q3 2014 Nov 2013 Sept 2013 Oct 2013 Plan Q4 Demand Generation Events Presales Team Expansion Global Delivery Team Expansion Maturation of Services (Info Advizor/ Methodologies) New enabling technologies – Oracle, Hadoop Formalize Big Data GTM Plan SAP Certifications Plan Demand Generation events for Q2 Develop Delivery Management Controls Complete Detailed Big Data GTM Project Plan Demo /POC SAP HANA Capabilities Complete Sales and Presales Competency training Recruitment of Additional SA’s & AM’s SAP Internal Sales Review Plan Q3 Demand Generation Events Services Training Complete Develop Big Data Marketing Collateral Develop SAP HANA Case Studies Launch Big Data Portal SAP Business Objects Solution Offering

  25. Questions

  26. Customer Case - Gaming Business: 2200 slot machines located in 8 states. • Challenge: 25TB per year and growing. Could not analyze data beyond very simple reporting. Inefficient servicing operations due to non-existent reporting of machines in the field • Solution: HP Vertica columnar database management system, plus Advizex data migration services • Business Benefit: Faster reporting allowed for tactical operations. Implementation of data communication between machines database allowed for real-time alerting, meaning faster machine repairs and streamlined repair operations.

  27. Customer Case - Healthcare • Challenge: spending several million dollars a year moving data from SAP ECC into Teradata or reporting operations, poor price-performance ratios • Solution: SAP HANA on HP Appsystem with SAP Landscape Transformation, plus Advizex Managed Services • Business Benefit: Major reduction in BI ecosystem cost and complexity, with lightning fast sales and operations forecasting and analysis as a major added benefit. Business: Massive distribution system built on SAP ECC

  28. Customer Case – Consumer Staples Business: Thousands of name brand products, both homegrown and via acquisition • Challenge: Hundreds of data sources among multiple business units, IT staff unable to keep pace with business data integration needs • Solution: Advizex Strategic Information Services, delivering high-level strategy, tactical project plans, and technology assessments of data virtualization products • Business Benefit: IT can expose new data sources as they arrive, allowing business units to access data through a single, cataloged data management system in order to optimize company performance faster than the competition

  29. Customer Case – Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Business: manufacturer of specialty medicines for complex medical conditions • Challenge: existing data warehouse required massive amounts of care and feeding to get barely acceptable performance. 11+ hour loading operations delayed critical business usage. • Solution: HP Vertica columnar database management system • Business Benefit: load process reduced to 40 minutes. Costly warehouse system replaced by inexpensive scale-out system. Lightning-fast ad hoc querying required no system tuning, which eliminated major business pain and created a more nimble operation.