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Chapter 1 —— 3 Chapter 4 —— 6 Chapter 7 —— 9 Chapter 10-12 Chapter 13-15. Chapter 16-18 Chapter 19-21 Chapter 22-24 Chapter 25-27 Chapter 28-30. Contents. Chapter 1-3. True or False? 1) Oliver’s mother dies when he is born.

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  1. Chapter 1——3 Chapter 4——6 Chapter 7——9 Chapter 10-12 Chapter 13-15 Chapter 16-18 Chapter 19-21 Chapter 22-24 Chapter 25-27 Chapter 28-30 Contents

  2. Chapter 1-3 True or False? 1) Oliver’s mother dies when he is born. 2) Mrs. Mann takes for herself a lot of money from the weekly allowance for the children. 3) Mr. Bumble takes Oliver to the large workhouse when Oliver is ten.

  3. Chapter 1-3 4) At the large workhouse, the boys receive three bowls of soup and three pieces of bread a day. 5) The officials decide to send Oliver away from the workhouse because he asks for more food. 6) The magistrate does not allow Oliver to go away with Mr. Gamfield because he can see that the chimney sweep looks cruel.

  4. Chapter 4-6 • Finish these sentences 1) Oliver cries as he goes with Mr. Bumble to Mr. Sowerberry’s house because __________ 2) When Mrs. Sowerberry first sees Oliver, she does not like him because _________ 3) Oliver attacks Noah Claypole because ___________ 4) Oliver is cruelly beaten and locked in the cellar because ________ 5) Oliver runs away from the Sowerberries because _____ 6) Oliver goes to London because ____________ 7) Oliver goes home with ‘The Artful Dodger’ because ____

  5. Chapter 7-9 1)What does Fagin do when he thinks Oliver is asleep? 2)What game does Fagin play with the Artful Dodger and Charlie Bates? 3)What work does Oliver do in Fagin’s room? 4)Why does Mr. Brownlow think that Oliver pickpocked his handkerchief? 5)What sentence does Mr. Fang give Oliver? 6)Who tells the magistrate who the real thieves were? 7)Where is Oliver taken after he leaves the magistrate’s office?

  6. Chapter 10-12 • Put these events in the order of the story a) Oliver starts to tell Mr. Brownlow the story of his life. b) Nancy tries to defend Oliver from Fagin. c) Oliver is very ill with a fever d) Bill Sikes and Nancy kidnap Oliver. e) Fagin, Bill Sikes and Nancy plan to rob a house using Oliver. f) Mr. Brownlow gives Oliver some books and money. g) Mr. Grimlow arrives at Mr. Brownlow’s house.

  7. Chapter 13-15 • Finish these sentences 1) Toby Crackit is a man who _______ 2) In the house in Chertsey, Oliver sees ______ 3) Oliver is shot in _______ 4) The young lady of the house tells the servants to take Oliver ________ 5) From Fagin’s conversation with Monks we understand that Fagin and Monks both want Oliver ________ 6) Fagin and Monks rush out of the room because Monks thinks he sees ______

  8. Chapter 16-18 • Answer these questions 1) Why do Mrs. Maylie and Rose decide to keep Oliver in their house? 2) How does Dr. Losberne save Oliver from the police? 3) What kind of life does Oliver lead in the country with Mrs. Maylie and Rose?

  9. Chapter 19-21 • Correct these sentences 1) Monks gives Mrs. Bumble $20 for her information about Old Sally. 2)In the leather bag in Old Sally’s hand there was a silver chain, a lock of hair and a gold wedding ring. 3) Sikes sends Nancy to Fagin’s to get some food.

  10. Chapter 19-21 4) Nancy listens secretly to the conversation between Fagin and Sikes 5) Nancy tells Rose that Monks promised Fagin money if he killed Oliver. 6) Nancy tells Rose that Monks has proof of Oliver’s identity. 7) Nancy says that every Sunday night she will walk on London Bridge from midnight until one o’clock.

  11. Chapter 22-24 • Explain how these people or places are connected: 1) Rose and Oliver: 2) Mr. Brownlow and Mr. Grimwig: 3) The Artful Dodger/court/prison: 4) Nancy, Rose and Mr.Brownlow:

  12. Chapter 25-27 • Complete these sentences: 1) Fagin tells Sikes about ___________ 2) Sikes kills Nancy because ________ 3) Sikes leaves London because ______ 4) Sikes leaves the public house because ____________

  13. Chapter 25-27 5) Sikes tries to kill his dog because _______. 6) Mr. Brownlow knows Monks because ___. 7) Oliver is the son of ____ and ____. 8) Monks wants Oliver to be a thief because ________. 9) Monks signs a true statement of facts about Oliver because _______.

  14. Chapter 28-30 • What happens to Fagin? Who visits him in his cell and why? • How does the story end for these people? 1) Charlie Bates, 2) Mr. and Mrs. Bumble, 3) Mr. Brownlow

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