scaled intensities n.
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Scaled Intensities

Scaled Intensities

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Scaled Intensities

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  1. Scaled Intensities Photographic Portfolio of images from Prolog Pages, Spain and Mexico

  2. Tangier Is there a human creature whom no none notices or greets because he doesn’t know hand signals or body language? Not in these crowded alleys. Even one who assumes that he belongs to the category of untouchables finds that citizens greet him cordially. Necessarily, kindness in business afflicts this one deeply, even bitterly, unlike those who expect to be served courteously. If he makes a good deal for an expensive item and carries it away, is that plunder or trade?

  3. Bizcas All night I rehearsed a triple murder The perfect crime like counting sheep without a sense of gain

  4. Bubion in La Alpujarra

  5. Diario mexicano

  6. Excerpts from Diario Mexicano at XCP: Streetnotes

  7. My companion is a truck driver from Queretaro, employed now in Columbia, South Carolina by a furniture company. He is well-informed on world politics and willing to chat about Mexican culture, in particular his taste in music, for instance cumbias and rancheros, and his pride in the baroque architecture of his town. For him, the bonds between indio and mestizo peoples were simple cultural facts, affecting housing, diet and commerce, and, more deeply, spiritual health. In Banda Aceh, two babies who have lost their parents, lie on a turquoise mattress. In Ceylon, the man who pulls the girl from the torrent, rapes her repeatedly. On the borders of the river of mud, animals bray, screaming their panic; rabbits cry. El patrono del viaje es el dios del sol. I had returned to Manchester on the 25th, after an agony of waiting, because the plane for México could not depart Charlotte. On the 26th the Tsunami inundated the coasts of the Indian Ocean, from Sumatra to Somalia. Seek in the New Year, favorable winds, prosperity, Ehecatl, for all children.