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The Brigade Combat Team (BCT) PowerPoint Presentation
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The Brigade Combat Team (BCT)

The Brigade Combat Team (BCT)

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The Brigade Combat Team (BCT)

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  1. The Brigade Combat Team (BCT) FM 3-90.6

  2. Agenda • Transformation – Division Centric to Brigade Centric Force Structure • Brigade Roll Up • What is a Brigade Combat Team? • BCT Capabilities • Comparison of 3 BCT’s • BCT Organizations • BCT C2 • BCT Surgeon Role/Responsibilities • BCT Medical Capabilities • Summary Active Component Brigade Combat Teams

  3. Learning Objectives Terminal Learning Objective: ACTION: Describe the organization and capabilities of U.S. Army Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs) in the Contemporary Operating Environment (COE). CONDITIONS: Given information on the organization and capabilities of the BCT from both readings and classroom instruction STANDARDS: To correctly identify the major differences in organization and capabilities of the three types of modular BCTs IAW FM 3-90.6 Enabling Learning Objectives: • Describe the basic units used to build the modular Army • B. Describe the organization of the BCTs • Describe the differences between the three different types of BCTs

  4. Brigade Roll-up References • FM 3-90.6, The Brigade Combat Team, Aug 06 • FM-I 3-90.5, HBCT Maneuver Battalion, Jan 05 • FM 1-02 (101-5-1), Operational Terms and Graphics, Sep 04 • FKSM 71-8, Armor/Cavalry Reference Data, Brigade Combat Teams

  5. TransformationBrigade Based Force to meet 21st Century Challenges

  6. Divisions = Army’s primary tactical warfighting headquarters Division’s principal task: C2 over any mix of brigades

  7. Brigade Roll Up Support Brigades • Combat Aviation Brigades • Fires Brigades • Battlefield Surveillance Brigades • Sustainment Brigades • Engineer Brigades • EOD Brigades • Signal Brigades Brigade Combat Teams • Heavy BCTs • Infantry BCTs • Stryker BCTs • Medical Brigades • Air Defense Brigades • Military Police Brigades • Military Intelligence Brigade

  8. X Stryker X X X X Aviation Fires x X Infantry Heavy Brigade Combat Teams for maneuver and close combat X SUST Sustainment Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition Maneuver Enhancement Supporting Brigades extend depth and duration of land operations

  9. Task Organization…a possibility MNFI Division/Corps MED MED MED

  10. BCTs are: • The Army’s basic tactical maneuver units that can be committed _______________ • Designed to conduct offensive, defensive, and ________ operations • The BCT core mission:close with the enemy by means of fire and maneuver to _________or capture enemy forces, or to repel their attacks by fire, ____________ __, and counterattack • The BCT can fight without _______________ , but it also can be tailored to meet the precise needs of its missions What is a Brigade Combat Team? independently stability destroy close combat augmentation

  11. BCTs are designed for expeditionary deployment, and can integrate the efforts of the Army with _______ , interagency, and multinational assets. • BCT’s advanced_____________ & ____________systems enable them to conduct _______________ or semi-autonomous operations in larger areas of operations (AO) than the division brigades they replace. What is a Brigade Combat Team? (continued) Joint Command Control autonomous

  12. Self Contained Unit X Brigade MP/Security MP/Security Logistics Signal Chemical Fires Intelligence Engineer Combined Arms Armed Recon Combined Arms smaller, more self-contained organizations … compared to “pre modularity” Brigades A Ready and Relevant Force ELO D

  13. The HBCT is the Army’s heaviest BCT, and is organized with armored and mechanized units. It is capable of defeating the military forces of any country when battling force-on-force. Its personnel strength is approximately 3,800 Soldiers. It is organized to fight with combined arms at the company/team level. Heavy BCT The IBCT is the Army’s lightest BCT, and is organized around dismounted infantry, capable of airborne or air assault operations. It is designed to operate in restricted terrain. Its personnel strength is approximately 3,400 Soldiers. Infantry BCT The SBCT (Stryker Brigade Combat Team) combines the deployability of an IBCT with the mobility of a HBCT. It is designed around three infantry battalions and has approximately 4,000 Soldiers Stryker BCT

  14. Terrain/Capability Comparison Infantry BCT Stryker BCT Heavy BCT

  15. Comparison of 3 BCT’s Full Spectrum Operations Conduct Offensive, Defensive & Stability Operations Armored Vehicles with added mobility Suited for Restrictive Terrain High Usage Rate of Supplies (CL III, IV, IX) Soldiers on the move are vulnerable to enemy fire CBRNE attack Restrictive Mobility in Mountainous Terrain & Dense Forest 2 Maneuver BN’s 3 Maneuver BN’s 2 Maneuver BN’s Does not have firepower inherent with HBCT Now has BSTB as of 09/10

  16. BCT Organizations

  17. BCT Organizations (Battalions) • Combined Arms Battalion (CAB)– the Brigade’s primary maneuver force; design is “ 2 by 2”, 2 x tank companies & 2 x infantry companies • Reconnaissance Squadron (RSTA)– designed to provide accurate and timely information across the AO; 3 ground recon companies • Fires Battalion– provides heavy firepower for the brigade (field artillery) • Brigade Support Battalion (BSB)– organic sustainment unit of the Brigade; BSMC, S&D Co., FMC, and 4 x FSC’s per maneuver battalion • Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BSTB)– network support company, military intelligence company, military police (security), and CBRNE assets

  18. BCT C2

  19. BCT Surgeon Role/Responsibilities: Special Staff Officer Facilitates Medical Operations in the BCT BCT Surgeon keeps the Commander informed of the _______ of the Command Assists with facilitating timely planning, integration and synchronization of the Force Health Protection Plan with the BCT __________ plan. Coordinates with the BSMC; Battalion _______ Platoons / Sections; and other staff elements to ensure that Soldiers receive complete and comprehensive medical support. health maneuver Medical

  20. BCT Medical Capabilities

  21. Heavy Brigade Combat Team - HBCT HQ, HBCT S4 / Brigade Surgeon Section

  22. Brigade Special Troops Battalion

  23. Brigade Special Troops Battalion PA Only

  24. HBCT - 2 Combined Arms Battalions

  25. Medical Platoon, HHC, Combined Arms Battalion

  26. Reconnaissance Squadron

  27. HHT, Recon Squadron, Medical Platoon

  28. Fires (Field Artillery) Battalion HHB

  29. HHB, Fires (Field Artillery) Battalion Medical Platoon HHB PA Only

  30. Brigade Support Battalion BSB MH

  31. Brigade Support Medical Company Slide 1 of 2 Med Co PM MH TX TX Dental, PT, Rad, Lab Area Tx

  32. Brigade Support Medical Company Slide 2 of 2 TX EVAC TX EVAC (AREA) BMSO

  33. Support Operations (SPO) Brigade Support Battalion

  34. What we covered in this class

  35. Summary • Brigade Roll Up • What is a Brigade Combat Team? • Heavy BCT • Infantry BCT • Stryker BCT • Battalion Organizations • Brigade C2 • BCT Surgeon Role • BCT Medical Capabilities

  36. Questions?