fis iss international ski federation injury surveillance system n.
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FIS ISS – International Ski Federation Injury Surveillance System PowerPoint Presentation
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FIS ISS – International Ski Federation Injury Surveillance System

FIS ISS – International Ski Federation Injury Surveillance System

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FIS ISS – International Ski Federation Injury Surveillance System

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  1. FIS ISS –International Ski FederationInjury Surveillance System

  2. WHY? We are concerned about the risk of injury among elite athletes We want to protect the health of our athletes FIS Injury Surveillance System

  3. Objectives – FIS ISS • Overall aim • to reduce injury rates – through suggested changes in rules and regulations, equipment or coaching techniques • Specific objectives • to monitor injury risk & patterns in all FIS disciplines • over time • across disciplines • to provide background data for in-depth studies of the causes of injury for specific injury types in specific disciplines, such as serious knee and head injuries in alpine skiing and snowboarding

  4. Injury surveillance system In-depth Research Risk Management System

  5. 2006-2007 season Covers all FIS races, but main focus: World Cup competitions

  6. Injury Surveillance System • Injury definition: “All injuries that occur during official training or competition and require attention by medical personnel”

  7. Roles and responsibilities- Who needs to do what? We are asking TDs to: • collect the Injury Reports for all injuries occurring during competition or official training at their event • To obtain the technical medical information: enlist the help of a medically trained individual (e.g. race doctor), whenever available • check whether tapes or videos were taken of the injury by team coaching staff or others • Provide contact information, if possible

  8. Important! • Please complete the Injury Report – even if you do not have any medical information! • If possible, ask the race doctor to complete the injury reports – prior to the start of the event!

  9. Event and athlete information as on the TD form

  10. Injury information: To be completed by/with medical personell, if possible. If not, check ”information not available”

  11. If possible, provide contact information so that we can obtain missing medical information

  12. Technical information about the race! Multiple choices for course & weather conditions

  13. Please indicate if a video is available of the injury & contact information

  14. Presentations available electronically ( Injury forms are available from the FIS web site – same as other TD forms World Cup: Please fax or e-mail within 3 days Other events can be sent by regular mail How?