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Laptop Integration For Staff 07-08 School Year PowerPoint Presentation
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Laptop Integration For Staff 07-08 School Year

Laptop Integration For Staff 07-08 School Year

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Laptop Integration For Staff 07-08 School Year

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  1. Laptop Integration For Staff 07-08 School Year

  2. The next 7 slides will help usGroup everyone for today’s exercises. As we go throughth e questions, keep track ofyour point total.

  3. I have used a laptop for? Less than one year 1 point Two to four years 2 points More than 5 years 3 points

  4. Mobile computing is important to me. Yes 1 point No 0 points

  5. I am comfortable using a laptop. Yes 1 point No 0 Points

  6. I look for ways to integrate technology into my classroom or work. Always 2 points Sometimes 1 point Never 0 points

  7. I am comfortable with the technology my students use in their daily lives. Yes 1 point No 0 points

  8. I rate my technology skills as: Novice 1 point Proficient 2 points Advanced 3 points

  9. Point Totals 0 to 5 points Group 1 6 to 8 points Group 2 9 or more points Group3 Please note your group number

  10. Objective • Provide everyone with a background on our journey to implementing 21st Century Classrooms • Ensure all staff members are comfortable using a laptop • Ensure everyone has the same understanding on how to handle and use their laptop • Share knowledge among participants • Provide all participants with the foundation to become proficient using their laptop

  11. End of Year Objective All staff members are proficient using their Laptop Download the Laptop Proficiency Rubric on the website.

  12. Why Laptops?

  13. Reason for Staff Laptops • Provide staff members with the ability to be mobile and access their data when they need it. • Take their laptop and data to collaboration sessions/meetings. • Take their laptop to Professional Development. • Take their laptop to Conferences. • Ensure staff members are comfortable with laptops prior to students getting laptops. • Create our Digital/21st Century Classrooms.

  14. Going Digital • School Web Lockers • Server Accounts • Student Email Accounts • BLOGS • Wikis • Teacher WebSites • United Streaming • Nettrekker • edGate • WWW • Promethean Boards • Document Cameras • LCD/DLP Projectors • Mobile Labs • Hand Held Devices • Digital Equip. Teacher Laptop • Interactive Assessments • Assessments with new Technologies Mobility & Opportunity

  15. We are building a digital environment for our 21st Century Students.

  16. Did you know By Karl Fisch

  17. Full Group Discussion Think of the impacts and ramificationsto our students. We must build anenvironment that allows them to be successful. What are our challenges?

  18. Teacher Laptops

  19. Help Each Other As we go through our training today, helpother staff members out. If you know the answer to a question or problem someone has, help them out. Be Open and Share Knowledge.

  20. Caring for Your Laptop

  21. How to Handle Your Laptop • Always carry your laptop in a secure manner. • Never walk around with your laptop open. • Lock your laptop down at all times. • Use your Carrying Case. • Never leave your Laptop in your Car.

  22. Locking Your Laptop You have been provided a cable lock to keepyour laptop secure at all times - Use It!!If your laptop is stolen and it was not lockeddown - you are responsible to pay for thereplacement. Loop your cable lock through a non-movableobject. Or through an area that does not allow foreasy removal of the lock. You can lock your laptop to one of the new carts.It will look very suspicious if someone is wheelingyour laptop out the door.

  23. Lock & Key Each cable lock and key is unique. The district has provided you with one keyfor your cable lock. Please keep track of the Key. If you lose the Key, there is a $20 chargeto have it replaced.

  24. Heating & Freezing Your Laptop Just like humans - electronics do not react wellto extreme heat and/or extreme cold. Therefore, NEVER leave your laptop inyour car. If you have to run into the store after work - place your laptop(within its case) in the trunkof your car - keep it out of sight. Never leaveit in your car for extended periods of time.

  25. Taking Your Laptop to Dinner Contrary to popular belief - laptops DO NOTneed to be fed.Please do not eat directly over your laptop orhave liquids right next to your laptop. In short, Keep it Clean, Keep it Dry and Keepit away from the Chicken Fettuccini.

  26. Your Laptop Case The case we have provided you for your laptopis specially engineered to protect your laptop. The sides of the case are re-enforced - just likea steel toed boot. If you decided to use your own case it MUSThave this same feature so we protect the equipment.

  27. Demonstration Using the Case Strapping your laptop in

  28. Stuffing Your Laptop Case Your laptop case has many slot and pockets to assist with carrying your laptop as well assome of your school work - use them wisely. Over stuffing your laptop case can and willplace extra pressure on the top of the laptopand you could crack the LCD Display.

  29. Baking the Laptop in the Case Please do not leave your laptop turned onand then place it in the case. This will causeyour laptop to overheat. Your laptop has built in fans to keep it cool.If it is turn on in a confined area, the surroundingarea will heat up and damage the electronicswithin your laptop.

  30. I Dropped My Laptop • If you drop your laptop, do the following: • Inspect for damage • Write yourself a short note on what happened • If your laptop has damage or will not start, contact one of the members of the IT Staff.

  31. Cleaning Your Laptop • Our laptops are white - they are bound to get dirty from time to time. • Please help us keep them clean. • You may wipe the surface off with a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. Spray the cloth with the cleaner first - never spray liquids onto your laptop. • DO NOT attempt to clean the LCD screen - contact a member of the IT Staff and they will help you clean your LCD screen.

  32. My Science Experiment Please help us keep the keyboards andcomputers clean. Keyboards are one of our major sourcesof bacteria and disease transmission. If it looks bad, clean it. Wash your hands frequently.

  33. Lending Out Your Laptop Never allow non-district personnel to accessor use your laptop/computer. We must ensure adherence to FERPA (Family Education Rights and Protection Act).Protect our students and their data. Refer to policy GBCE for further details regardingyour laptop and network access. All our District policies may be found online on website.

  34. Using your Laptop

  35. As we go through the various topics today, feel free to turn your laptop on and practice what we cover.

  36. Our Laptops MacBooks 13” Inch 2.16 GHz Intel Duo Core 2GB RAM 120GB Hard Drive Wireless OS 10.4

  37. Getting Started Plugging it in Colors on the Power Adapter Charging the Battery Turning it on

  38. Power Adapter Using the 2 Prong Adapter Using the Cord Adapter Colors when Charging

  39. Battery Management Be sure to completely drain the battery5 or 6 times during the first couple weeksof use. Then fully charge the batteryeach time. This will help extend the life of you battery. Locating and using the Battery Power Indicator light on the bottom of the computer.

  40. Battery Efficiency If you turn the brightness of the screen downyou will be able to get more time on your battery. (Brightness can be found on your F1 and F2 keys) We do not recommend playing CDs or DVDswhile on battery power - battery will drain veryquickly. Powering other devices via USB or Firewire portswill also reduce available battery time.

  41. Turn It On Directly above the keyboard on the upperright hand side is the power button. Depressthis button once and the machine should turn on. If your machine does not turn on - check tomake sure you are plugged in and/or thebattery is fully charged.

  42. Connecting to the Network As we start the school year, please use theRed Ethernet cord to plug into the Network. You can connect wirelessly, however we do notwant to overwhelm the current wireless system - leave the wireless for the student mobile labs. Sept. through Nov. we will be upgrading ourwireless - once that is complete, then you arewelcome to connect via wireless.

  43. Connecting to the Network, cont. Your computer should automatically connectto the network. When you plug your red cordin and turn your machine on, it signals thenetwork that you are ready to connect. Thenetwork responds by giving your machinea network address, thus allowing you to connectto district servers, email and the internet.

  44. Connecting via Wireless Connecting your computer to our wirelessenvironments is fairly simple. In the upperright hand portion of your screen on the menubar, you will see an icon with four circular linesforming what look like a radio signal. Click onthis icon - make sure Airport is turned on andselect the wireless environment from the listpresented. You will be prompted to enter apassword. Use this same procedure for connectingto wireless environments outside of school.

  45. Network Reminders When you connect to the network with your red cord(aka. Ethernet) - make sure your Airport is turnedoff. The icon will be grayed out or the bars will goaway. If you connect to the network via wireless/airport -make sure your red cord is unplugged.

  46. Ports on your Laptop

  47. Using CDs Your CD port is on the right hand side of thelaptop. Your laptop is equipped with a slotloading CD drive. Only place full sizedCDs into this slot. Placing non-full sizedCDs into the slot will cause the CD to get stuck. The only way to correct this is to repair it.To eject a CD, either drag it to the Trash Can oruse the CD Eject button - top right button on thekeyboard. You may also use Open Apple + E.

  48. Audio Keys Your F3 key will turn your speakers off Your F4 key will turn your speakers down Your F5 Key will turn your speakers up

  49. Keys & Commands Open Apple + A - Select All Open Apple + C - Copy Open Apple + V - Paste Open Apple + X - Cut Open Apple + Z - Undo Open Apple + P - Print Open Apple + Q - Quit Open Apple + S - Save Open Apple + N - New Open Apple + O - Open Open Apple + F - Find Open Apple + E - Eject Open Apple + W - Close Window

  50. Other Important Keys Your F1 & F2 - Screen Brightness Your F6 Num Lock Your F7 Display