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A Partnership for Club and Volunteer Development 1 YEAR ON PowerPoint Presentation
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A Partnership for Club and Volunteer Development 1 YEAR ON

A Partnership for Club and Volunteer Development 1 YEAR ON

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A Partnership for Club and Volunteer Development 1 YEAR ON

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  1. A Partnership for Club and Volunteer Development1 YEAR ON Sandra Frame, Glasgow City Council Fiona Toal, Sports Council for Glasgow

  2. Context Restructure Update Challenges Developing Sport In Glasgow ClubMark Future Priorities Workshop Content

  3. Policy Objective 6 To strengthen the voluntary sports clubs and their links with school sport and other participation programmes, so that young people can sustain involvement and realise their potential in sport. GCC Strategy

  4. An effective voice for clubs Represent views of clubs Help resolve club issues Services to Clubs Provision of services to meet club needs Promote and encourage leadership Partnerships Develop effective working practice with partners Enhance profile and status of the SCG SCG Strategy

  5. Sports Development Team Club & Volunteer City Sports Partnership Area Dev & Planning Group (8) SCG Area Club Forum (8) Sub-Committee Business EXECUTIVE Chair & Vice Chair (2) Treasurer Executive (24) Administrator (PT) Administrator (FT) Restructure Exec Business: Strategy Development Sport 21 Disclosure

  6. Improved Communication & Working Regular Meeting (strategic & project based) Defined Roles Appointment F/T Administrator Club Database & Information Service Volunteer Recognition Active Glasgow ClubMark Community Clubs Area Club Forums Disclosure Active Glasgow & SCG Websites Development Planning Area Approach Update

  7. Strategic Communication (Exec) Area Planning Process Operational Consultation ClubMark Staff Changes Club Incentives Officer Time in Clubs Challenges

  8. City Sports Partnership Sports Development & Equalities Sports Council for Glasgow Glasgow Active Schools Local Community Planning Partnerships Glasgow Community Planning Partnership Developing Sport In Glasgow SPORT & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AREA PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT GROUPS (8) (COMMUNITY PRIORITIES, BVR, SCG & SPORT 21)

  9. sportscotland NGB’s / Children 1st Sports Development Area Planning Sports Council for Glasgow Active Glasgow ClubMark Key Objectives & Targets Action Plan SDE A/P SCG Delivery Monitoring/Evaluation & Review Project Development

  10. Club & Volunteer (2) Sports Council for Glasgow (16) Sports Dev & Equalities (18) CLUBMARK Area S&R Dev Officer (8) Com Club Officers (5) Strong links with Club/SDE & Clubs/Schools Clubs kitemarked as inclusive, child friendly & safe Increased number junior sections within clubs Qualified Volunteers Delivery Project Management Group

  11. Continue Partnership Development Glasgow ClubMark Training Deliverers Launch Roll Out Monitoring & Evaluation Club & Volunteer Training Programme Child Protection & Disclosure Area Development Plans Sport21 Forums Future

  12. ?

  13. Questions GROUP 1: How are you currently recruiting volunteers? GROUP 2: How are you Disclosure checking volunteers? GROUP 3: How are you deploying and retaining volunteers? Breakout Groups

  14. Existing club membership Parent contact and communication Parent / Teacher school associations FE / HE establishments – student placements Coach education i.e. CSLA / JSLA Mentoring Volunteer Centres Specific volunteer development officer – face to face interaction Professional bodies Area Forums Breakout Group ResponsesRecruitment of Volunteers

  15. Partnership working between Local Authority and Local Sport Council Information Seminars and Workshops National Governing Bodies CRBS Problematic – barrier to volunteering Breakout Group ResponsesDisclosure Checks

  16. Job Descriptions – defined roles and responsibilities Volunteer skills match with job Recognition by peers Welcoming clubs Shared tasks amongst volunteers Volunteer Training and Development Breakout Group ResponsesDeployment and Retention