command words in used in assessment n.
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COMMAND WORDS IN used in Assessment PowerPoint Presentation
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COMMAND WORDS IN used in Assessment

COMMAND WORDS IN used in Assessment

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COMMAND WORDS IN used in Assessment

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  1. COMMAND WORDS IN used in Assessment

  2. Identifywhat this is.

  3. It is a cake. To identify is to provide an answer from a range of possibilities (such as biscuit, slice, or cake).

  4. State the type of cake you think it is.

  5. It is a chocolate cake. To state is to give a name.

  6. Fully explain why you think it is a chocolate cake.

  7. The cake is brown. Brown is normally associated with chocolate. To explain is to demonstrate an understanding. To fully explain is to also give a reason.

  8. Describe the cake.

  9. The cake is round and the icing is shiny and smooth. The cake has been cut into 12 wedges. Each wedge has an icing twirl on it. An description discusses the qualities, characteristics or features.

  10. You take a small slice of the cake. Explain in detail what it might be like to eat.

  11. I think the cake would taste very rich as it is dark in colour. It looks slightly wet so it would be moist and wouldn’t fall apart on the fork. There would be three different chocolate flavours: the cake, the filling and the icing. I think it would taste delicious.

  12. A detailed explanation includes a range of specific points which, combined, gives the reader a full account.

  13. It has been suggested that the cake is for a birthday. Do you think this is the case? Justify your answer.

  14. I don’t think this is a birthday cake because there are no birthday decorations such as ‘Happy Birthday’ writing, a frill or candles. The “I” statement indicates this is a personal response and there is a relevant reason for the opinion.

  15. You are now offered some chocolate brownie!

  16. Compare and contrast the cake and the brownie.

  17. Both the cake and the brownie are baked and chocolate- flavoured. The cake is of a softer consistency, is higher and iced. The brownie is flatter with a hard top and a gooey centre. (Compare = similarities; Contrast = differences)