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You Said

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You Said

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  1. You Said Products We Did Success In December 2011 we will be launching the web site to make it easier to navigate –78% of our “trial” customers have said its a great improvement on the old site Easier to do business with us You wanted us to improve the navigation on We have reviewed You asked us to improve the quality of the content on the website 84% of our “trial” customers have said our product documentation is much easier to find, in plain English , relevant and up to date We have updated and reviewed the content of the website Keeping you informed

  2. Service (For Broadband and Ethernet L2C &T2R) You Said We Did Success WBC Create Fault Reduced from 23 to 5 clicks (via Structured Questions on a single page) WBC Provide WBC FTTC/FTTP Reduced from 55 to 32 clicks. Ethernet L2C journey speeded up by up to 30% with customised favourites Takes too long to place orders and raise faults using the portals Eco plus improvement project- Reduce no of clicks, faster order and fault journeys for both Broadband and Wholesale Ethernet Easier to do business with us Since QAT was launched in June we’ve seen up to 53% of HLE’s avoided as a result of Quality Assure. Quality Assure repeat rate of 0% On Time Repair for Looping Faults w/e 11.11.11 Introduction of Quality Assure to incept looping faults, stop unnecessary field visits and agree next steps. How can I stop repeat and looping faults? Introduce new features

  3. Service Contact You Said We Did Success Improvements to our agents desktops and implemented improved real time management tools to enable speedier responses to peaks and troughs Getting it right first time Too many abandoned Echats & delayed response times For the last week in October and the first week in November the abandoned rate has averaged 1.23% and the average wait to answer 23 seconds .

  4. Billing You Said We Did Success Content changes have been completed to the billing website and will be launched in early December. Complete updated comms will be sent out to customers Introduce new features Billing Web site to be re launched We want easy access to billing…….? Introduce new features We want easy access to billing…….? What has been done 86% of customers accounts are now on e-billing with the rest to be completed shortly.