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You Said

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You Said

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  1. Service Broadband You Said We Did Update Repeat SFI’s You were unhappy with the number of repeat SFI visits required before a fault was fixed. We are currently rolling out an SFI2 intercept programme to identify and resolve faults first time, without the need for a further visit. We have reduced the number of unnecessary repeat SFI visits and will continue to drive the programmethrough in the next few months. Tags on Lines We have developed a self serve portal that will cut out the need for a lengthy call and allow customers to self serve. The portal is in trail stage at the moment with a view to it being rolled out across all CP’s by the end of April 2012 You told us that the process is not customer friendly and is time consuming and frustrating.

  2. Service Data You Said We Did Update Keeping Customers Informed (KCI) Your wanted more timely, informative and up to date KCI’s . In December 2011 we implemented changes in consistency of KCI’s, regularity and quality. Specifically addressing Repair progression updates. We instigated a KCI improvement project across the range of our Data products Wholesale Ethernet Fibre, Address Matching. You told us had problems matching addresses when placing orders on BTW systems We improved the address matching function in our ordering systems We have addressed 80% of the issues with addresses matching with work continuing to address the remaining 20% due soon.

  3. You Said Products We Did Update Easier to do business with us In December 2011 we re-launched the web site to make it easier and clearer to navigate We have refreshed You wanted us to improve the navigation on You asked us to improve the quality of the content on the website We will continue to review our product documentation to revise content in terms of tone of voice and plain English. We have updated and reviewed the content of the website Keeping you informed