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Chinese Fireworks PowerPoint Presentation
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Chinese Fireworks

Chinese Fireworks

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Chinese Fireworks

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  1. Chinese Fireworks Layne Chasin & Sunny Barish

  2. Chinese fireworks are very important to Chinese people. It’s important because it scares away evil spirits and brings good luck. Chinese fireworks scare away evil spirits with their big boom. Red fireworks are the most popular because it means good luck. You are going to see what Chinese fireworks are used for and what they look like. INTRODUCTION

  3. The first Chinese firework colors were orange and white. Orange was the most popular color out of those two. But now they made more colors like yellow red and blue. AWESOME! Firework Colors

  4. Fireworks are used in celebrations because they are very popular decorations, good luck, and scare away evil spirits. They are very good decorations because they light up the party and they are very exciting. They bring good luck by using colors that represent good luck like about 90% fireworks are red and red means good luck. They scare away evil spirits whith their big boom. What They Are Used For

  5. The legend of fireworks was how they came to Earth. Some people say that a person named Jing-Yang invented Chinese fireworks. But this is how they made them. He found firecrackers, picked them up, and said “what are these?” He lit them up and they went BOOM! Every body did not know what they were. Every body came over and said WOW that’s really cool and that’s how fireworks came a tradition. Every year every body was looking forward to Chinese New Year when he released the fireworks in the air and every one loved it! The legend of fireworks

  6. You may have heard the legend that a chef accidentally mixed ingredients together to make fireworks. But you probably don’t know what really happened. So let us tell you! A doctor long , long ago mixed these ingredients : Salt Peter, Sulfur, Charcoal, 1 Bamboo shoot, and Fire. Then a bunch of colored sparks flew up and there was a BIG BOOM. Imagine if that was your medicine! The doctor thought this was to dangerous to be medicine so it isn’t. Just if you didn’t know Salt Peter is a chemical used for experiments and explosions. How They Were Really Made

  7. Chinese fireworks are used at many different celebrations these are the celebrations! Weddings, Chinese New Year and festivals like the night of the Spring Festival. It is used at Weddings for: making sure that there are NO bad spirits in the couples new life. Fireworks are used during Chinese New Years because they scare away evil spirits to make sure that there are NO bad spirits in the New Year. Fireworks are used at Festivals for decoration. They are also used at Weddings and Chinese New years for decoration. Another reason they were used at festivals is that they told a message like Happy Spring! 1 more reason for Chinese New Years is that they welcome the new year. What Type Of Celebrations

  8. Chinese fireworks are good luck. “ How?” you say well some fireworks are red and yellow and red and yellow are good luck in China. Some how it scares away evil spirits, so when a red firework gets shot up into the air it scares away evil spirits and makes people have good luck. Evil spirits DON’T give people good luck but when they are gone people DO have good dreams. How Chinese Fireworks Are Good Luck

  9. Fireworks scare away evil spirits is a fact that people who have studied Chinese fireworks know but what they may have not known is how they scare away evil spirits. 1 way is from the big boom they make. The 2nd way is from the sparks, the sparks make them feel in BIG trouble. Those things make them feel scared so they go away. How Chinese Fireworks Scare Away Evil Spirits

  10. The Chinese people love Chinese fireworks so much because they are so interesting. The people think that red fireworks are good luck. That is 1 reason why they love Chinese fireworks so much. Plus they entertain kids which they also love! Why People Like Chinese fireworks so much!

  11. 1 more fact about Chinese fireworks is… At a Chinese celebration the red and yellow fireworks are the most popular colors. They are the most popular colors because they bring good luck. To all of their family and town and ancestors when there is a red firework at a festival or wedding it is known as a special day for you. CONCLUSION

  12. THE END! 