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The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. By Nicole Miller. Facts about the Seven Wonders. Has inspired art and architecture to this day The only wonder still standing today is the Great Pyramid of Giza Some of the Wonders have not been proven

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The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

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  1. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World By Nicole Miller

  2. Facts about the Seven Wonders Has inspired art and architecture to this day The only wonder still standing today is the Great Pyramid of Giza Some of the Wonders have not been proven All the wonders were built between 300 to 2500 BC

  3. Great Pyramids of Giza The oldest of the seven wonders Built around 2500 BC Located in Giza, Egypt Measures 755 square feet at the base and more than 481 feet high covering an area more than 13 acres These enormous monuments were designed to be tombs to protect the bodies of kings and all their treasures. A labor force of 100,000 people and 20 years were estimated to complete the project. The construction of the pyramids still are debated to this day.

  4. Hanging Gardens of Babylon Built by Nebuchadnezzar around 600 BC close to Baghdad, Iraq Has never been proven to exist Gardens were built to please wife as she missed the gardens of her homeland The hanging gardens were a series of terraces rising along the river bank with different tiers planted with flowers, shrubs, and trees. The gardens were watered by a series of pipes receiving the water through the river at the highest level and then gradually moving down the terraces. A great example of how we use irrigation today to water our plants.

  5. Temple of Artemis A Greek temple dedicated to a goddess named Artemis Located in today’s country of Turkey The temple was built 3 times before the ultimate destruction in 400 AD The temple of Artemis was rebuilt three times. The last time it was rebuilt was the biggest of all. It measured 342 feet by 164 feet and had 127 columns over 60 feet high. The only thing left of the temple are fragments currently located in a museum. This wonder is important because it is our first sanctuary. (seven)

  6. Statue of Zeus at Olympia A monument dedicated to the most famous God of all time The height of the seated statue stood at 43 feet tall The statue was made of marble, ivory and bronze The statue of Zeus was completed in 450 BC and placed in the temple at Olympia. The statue’s enormous size took up half the room of the temple. The statue still inspires many monuments being built today. (seven)

  7. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus Located in present day Turkey Built for Mausolus, king of Caria by his wife/sister Artemisia Approximately 148 feet in height When Mausolus died, his widow decided to honor him with the most costly memorial she could have built. She built a great marble tomb at Halicarnassus. The four sides were built by different sculptors. When the mausoleum was finished, it was so impressive, it was named one of the seven wonders.

  8. Colossus of Rhodes Gigantic hollow bronze statue of the Greek titan Helios Located on the Greek Island of Rhodes in Greece Constructed to celebrate Rhodes victory over the ruler of Cypress Originally built around 300 BC, the statue stood over 107 ft high making it one of the tallest statues in the ancient world. It took about 12 years to build and it only stood approximately 55 years before it was destroyed. The legs of the statue were filled with masonry so it would not be top heavy. This statue is also an inspiration to modern day sculptors.

  9. Lighthouse of Alexandria Located on the Island of Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt Also known as Pharos of Alexandria For many centuries, considered the tallest manmade structures on Earth Built around 300 BC The lighthouse has a height estimated at 450 feet. Its purpose was to guide sailors into the harbor at night. The most legendary feature was a giant mirror used to reflect sunlight up to 150 miles out to sea. This lighthouse is a model to our modern day lighthouses.

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