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  1. Andrew-

  2. The Capital is Madrid Madrid is the biggest city in Spain. It is also the most popular tourist area.

  3. Flag The colors of the the flag stand for, yellow: is a symbol of generosity, red: represents hardiness, bravery and strength as well as valor.

  4. Topographic Map of Spain This is a topographic map of Spain. Such as the Canary Islands.

  5. Sports Spains most popular sport is soccer. It has a lot of heritage to them. They also are fond of basketball and tennis. In general they are very popular with their sports.

  6. Art A lot of people also think of Spain as a very artistic country and think that the Spanish art is beautiful. In fact one of the most famous artists in the world was born there. Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain on October 25, 1881.

  7. Foods The Spanish are well known for their food. Their foods usually consist of of fish and rice and some other flavors such as lemons.

  8. Religion Almost all of Spain's religion is Roman Catholic. The other majority is people with no Religion, which leaves 2.3 and 1.7 for the rest.

  9. Map of Spain This is the map of Spain. As you can see its surrounding countries are Portugal, France, Morocco, and Algeria.

  10. Population Spains population is a whopping 46,704,314. That is an enormous number. It has definitely grown since 1970 when they only had 34,000,000. It's a pretty small country compared to others.

  11. Government Spain is a constitutional monarchy whose government is defined by the constitution of Spain.

  12. History Spain has had a lot of history through the years. Some of it was sad and some of it was incredibly impressive. One extremely important event was the Reconquista in 1492.