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Andrew…. the man I have become… as of now. The beginning…. On the 30 th of November 1986, the world came to know me. The start of the journey called life. Growing up just like any typical kid…. Fun..play..fun..and more play….

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  1. Andrew… the man I have become… as of now

  2. The beginning… • On the 30th of November 1986, the world came to know me. The start of the journey called life..

  3. Growing up just like any typical kid… Fun..play..fun..and more play… But with guidance from great parents, my studies were never sacrificed….in fact I have excelled in my early education endeavors… What more could I ask for?

  4. Personal data • Andrew Justin P. Arcenas • Stands at 5 foot -4 inches • Weighing 53 kg

  5. 3rd year Entrepreneurial Marketing Society • Former JEMS Chairman on Committee of Sports and Development • Current CBAA Vice-Governor • Dean’s Lister

  6. Things I Want to do Join seminars/ workshops course related Earn own income while studying. Earn masters degree outside the country. Graduate as cum laude. Start own business.

  7. More things I want to do Meet famous people. Eat different cuisines and delicacies. Travel!!! Learn the best software for video editing. Start own business/ company.

  8. Crazy things I want to do Do extreme sports! Join in a mixed martial arts tournament. Play poker against the pros! Go Crazy with a Car! Play computer games for 48 hours! Download!!!!...

  9. Why Marketing? Sounds Great! – the first time I read the course Entrepreneurial Marketing, I was intrigued and decided to try it out. Then I felt that this is the course for me.

  10. Why Marketing? Unlimited - As a career, marketing have no boundaries. No limit on income for example…all you need is hard work, a touch of expertise and the love of what you are doing.

  11. Why MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology? The best school nearby! Very much affordable considering it’s caliber!

  12. MSU – Iligan Institute of Technology • Tried and Tested! • Excellence is undeniably one of the top nationwide! • What more could you ask for in a University…except facilities..

  13. Future Plans?

  14. Plan stages 1st Plan • Graduate in the course in 2011 with flying colors….cum laude is the target! • Seek employment in an established company and gain valuable experience and compensation! 2nd Plan

  15. Plan Stages 3rd Plan • Start own company or business establishment….be an entrepreneur! • Search satisfaction of self fulfillment! 4th Plan

  16. Whatever, However Whenever the Plans are… All that matters is it should be taken one step at a time and thought of carefully. There are instances and events to be considered.

  17. As the idea derived from Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”… • Perseverance is a good weapon, hard work is very valuable but the most important is “Know your strength and recognize your weaknesses, for ignorance of such is the reason of your downfall, no matter who you are…”

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