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Elementary/Middle Current Events Round 2

Elementary/Middle Current Events Round 2. 1. National News. Question One.

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Elementary/Middle Current Events Round 2

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  1. Elementary/Middle Current Events Round 2

  2. 1. National News

  3. Question One On September 10, 2012, more than 26,000 teachers and support staff of a large public school system went on strike over pay, benefits, evaluations, and job security. Over 350,000 students received a extra week of vacation before the union and the administration reached an agreement. Where is this school system? • New York City NY • Los Angeles CA • Chicago IL • Seattle WA

  4. Correct Answer C. Chicago, IL

  5. 2. People in the News

  6. Question Two This woman died in July after a battle with pancreatic cancer. She was the first American woman in space. In 1983 and again in 1984, she flew as a mission specialist on the space shuttle Challenger. She was later appointed to the commission that investigated the Challenger accident. Who was she? • Kathleen Sullivan • Sally Ride • Christa McAuliffe • Peggy Whitson

  7. Correct Answer B. Sally Ride

  8. 3. Sports

  9. Question Three This Olympian from South Africa was one of the heroes of the London games.His nickname is “Blade Runner.” He was the first amputee athlete to compete in the Olympics. Who is he? • Usain Bolt • Yohan Blake • Jesse Owens • Oscar Pittorius

  10. Correct Answer D. Oscar Pittorius

  11. 4. International News

  12. Question Four A terrorist plot or a reaction to a highly partisan film about Muhammad or both led to an attack on this African country’s U.S. consulate. Four Americans died, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Where did this attack occur? • Benghazi, Libya • Cairo, Egypt • Algiers, Algeria • Tunis, Tunisia

  13. Correct Answer A. Benghazi, Libya

  14. 5. National News

  15. Question Five On August 11th, Mitt Romney announced this man as his presidential running mate. He is considered the intellectual leader of the Republican Party. He is also an expert on our country’s fiscal challenges. Who is he? • John McCain • Marco Rubio • Paul Ryan • Chris Christie

  16. Correct Answer C. Paul Ryan

  17. 6. Sports

  18. Question Six When this franchise won its second NBA champ- ionship, LeBron James reached one of his pro- fessional goals and won the NBA Finals MVP award. Which NBA team won the 2012 champ-ionship? • Miami Heat • Cleveland Cavaliers • Los Angeles Lakers • Oklahoma City Thunder

  19. Correct Answer A. Miami Heat

  20. 7. International News

  21. Question Seven This terrorist organization attacked a school bus full of children, injuring three girls. The organi-zation’s spokesman later admitted that they were targeting MalalaYousafzai, a fourteen year old Pakistani activist and blogger, for her out-spokenness against their organization and pro-moting education for females. What organization was responsible for the attack? • Al Quaida • Muslim Brotherhood • Taliban • Haqquanis

  22. Correct Answer C. Taliban

  23. 8. People in the News

  24. Question Eight This man, wearing only a space suit to protect him, became the first person ever to break the sound barrier with just his body. He skydived out of a capsule teetering at the edge of space 24 miles up and fell to Earth at 833.9 miles per hour. He also set a new world record for jumping from the highest place ever. Who is he? • Richard Bransom • Criss Angel • David Blaine • Felix Baumgartner

  25. Correct Answer D. Felix Baumgartner

  26. 9. BusinessNews

  27. Question Nine This social media company began selling shares on May 18th. The initial cost per share was $38.00. Surprisingly the price dropped instead of rising sharply as expected. Which social media company are investors not convinced is a good money maker? • Yahoo! • Pinterest • Facebook • LinkedIn

  28. Correct Answer C. Facebook

  29. 10. Science/ Technology

  30. Question Ten An announcement was made in July. Physicists said they had discovered a new subatomic par-ticle, a key to understanding why there is divers-ityand life in the universe. The particle was dis-covered through work by the Center for Nuclear Research using the Large Hadron Collider. What is the name of the particle? • Higgs boson • Newton ion • Einstein neutron • Rolf particle

  31. Correct Answer A. Higgs boson

  32. Extra Question Sports

  33. Extra Question This team won its second World Series in three years in a four game sweep. The final game went a tense ten innings, resulting in a 4-3 loss for the Detroit Tigers. What team won the series? • Florida Marlins • San Francisco Giants • New York Yankees • St. Louis Cardinals

  34. Correct Answer B. San Francisco Giants

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