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Datamonitor Business Information Center (DBIC) PowerPoint Presentation
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Datamonitor Business Information Center (DBIC)

Datamonitor Business Information Center (DBIC)

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Datamonitor Business Information Center (DBIC)

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  1. Datamonitor Business Information Center (DBIC) Your source for marketing data and business intelligence.

  2. DBIC • DBIC is organized into 3 main components: • Industries • Companies • Countries • It also includes news & comment, rankings, and other lists.

  3. The opening screen for DBIC offers options to: 1) type a search term in the search box; or 2) browse the lists of industries, companies and countries. Or, you can use the tabs near the top of the screen to navigate to various sections of the database.

  4. A general search for Dell finds 318 records. The right-hand side of the screen divides the hits into Best Bets for Companies, Industries, and News and Comment. Notice that Dell Inc. is the first hit on the general list and on the Companies list.

  5. Click on the company name to see a profile of the company. The profile includes key facts, company overview, business description, history, major products & services, key employees & biographies, locations & subsidiaries, company view, SWOT analysis, and top competitors. The complete profile can be downloaded as a PDF file. It is usually about 20-35 pages.

  6. The right-hand side of the Company Profile offers links to 1) Industry Research relevant to the company, 2) Other companies in the sector, 3) Benchmarking features, 4) Related News, and 5) All Related News on the company.

  7. The Benchmarking feature provides access to relevant lists. Many of the lists rank companies according to market share. From any of the lists, you can select the “View all lists” link to see all available lists in DBIC.

  8. Additional Industry information was accessible from the right-hand side of the first results list we saw for Dell Inc., under Best Bests … Industries. Here, the information is organized into Subcatgories, which include both Geographic and Sector options.

  9. Select one of the subcategories to see a list of available Industry Profiles. If the list is large, the option to filter by countries will be available. Choose the desired country, countries, or region. For example, filtering the Hardware subcategory for United States produces this list of available Industry Profiles.

  10. Selecting PCs in the United States links straight to the Industry Report in PDF format. The PDF file opens in a new window. All reports contain: 5 year historical and 5 year forecast market values and/or volumes, market segmentations, company and / or product market shares, explanatory text identifying major trends and significant growth points, and analysis of each market's competitive landscape, including main players, distribution channels and regulatory issues. Profiles are usually 15-20 pages in length.

  11. The Browse Industry list is organized alphabetically by sector. It does not use SIC or NAICS classifications.

  12. Datamonitor’s hierarchical arrangement makes it easy to see where you are in the database. Here, we see Industry Profiles for Vehicle Manufacturing, which is part of the Automotive category, within the Industry Reports section of DBIC. If we want more specific information, we can look at the subcategories for Automobiles, Commercial Vehicles, and Motorcycles.

  13. The Company Information page allows you to browse companies by name or by industry category.

  14. The Company Name list indicates the date of the report. The list illustrates the global coverage provided by Datamonitor.

  15. Country Information provides Country Profiles, as well as profiles of major industries within many of those countries. Each Country Profile provides comprehensive industry, political and economic analyses plus macro-economic and demographic data. The profiles average about 30 pages in length and are available in PDF format only.

  16. News & Comment provides a two-year archive of stories. From the News & Comment tab, it is easiest to browse by industry, and work your way down to specific categories, as indicated by the example below. If you want news about a specific company, it is easiest to go to that company’s profile. News & Comment will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

  17. For more information about DBIC • Read the HELP pages at: • Contact the Joyner Library Reference Desk: • Contact Jan Lewis, the Business Librarian: