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Marketing Ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas

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Marketing Ideas

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  1. Marketing Ideas

  2. Importance of outdoor advertising from a reputed agency • Every time you are out on the street, you will definitely come across a road show or a promotional event. With people in different sorts of uniforms and an attractive layout, the whole part will be trying to engage as much crowd around them towards their product. The importance of this type of outdoor advertising is that it is slowly gaining heat. People are more investing in this type of marketing nowadays and they seem to get a profitable return out of it as well. • It is due to the few reputed agencies of the world that has helped in giving outdoor advertisements the position it used to have. Long back, before the introduction of digital marketing, this was the only source of promotion. Once the world was introduced to the luxury and glamour of digital entertainment, their value faced a decline. Digital promotion became the first choice of companies and experiential marketing was on a verge of extinction.

  3. However, with the evolution of various new marketing ideasand strategies, outdoor marketing was given a whole new avatar. Guerrilla marketing, event promotions, smartly-designed billboards, interactive shows, etc., were some of the ideas that clicked with the people. Some of these advertisements were so smartly designed and implemented that it received a worldwide acclaim. These head-turning marketing ideas were able to recreate the place in the arena of the advertisement industry. • Therefore, if you are about to initiate your marketing campaign, it will be highly productive to go for outdoor advertising. They are easy, harmless, cost-effective, and at the most, highly cheap as compared to digital media. In case your event haven’t caught the attention it is supposed to, you won’t be robbed of all your money in the back, which should have been the case had you selected digital media advertisement.

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