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Marketing Ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas

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Marketing Ideas

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  1. Well Come To Marketing Ideas

  2. Role of emotional connection in experiential marketing • One way to create a stable position in today’s highly competitive market is by creating a customer base that is emotionally connected to you. Creating deep emotional connection with your customers is like gaining their trust and respect. Once they are satisfied with the product/service that you provide, they will not shift to any other service provider even if they are offered exclusive incentives. Gaining a lifelong trust doesn’t come easily and to create the bond is a highly challenging task. • So, what really do you have to do in order to get emotionally connected with your consumer base? The answer is experiential marketing. It all starts with meeting the customers personally and understand their mentality. Next, you have to modify the impressions that they have towards your brand. You can show them how worthy your product is or how advantageous its use is if compared to any other competitor’s products.

  3. Forget all your outdoor advertising and marketing ideasfor a moment and focus only on showing your customers the value of your product. Consumers are not going to make their decisions on baseless declarations. Therefore, show your product’s superiority; explain how it will make the life of the consumer easier; how does it save time and effort; which needs does it satisfies efficiently, and so on. • Go for event promotions and consistently get in touch with your customers to get their feedback about your service. You need to continue this, but not in a way that would seem like you are irritating them. The goal is to get to their heart, not head. • Keep showing how valuable your brand is and eventually the bond will get created. Building emotional connection with your customers can take your brand to unimaginable heights and will help you survive in the toughest times of recession and inflation.

  4. About Us • Some key experiential marketing tools are promo girls NZ, sampling staff, promotional staff, and promotional models. All event promotions are done using them.

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