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Mass media

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Mass media

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  1. Mass media Bill, Sydney,Austin

  2. What is mass media? • Mass media consists of the various means by which information reaches large numbers of people, such as television, radio, movies, newspapers, and the Internet.

  3. Who uses mass media? • Mass media is used by news reporters, advertising companies, newspaper and magazine publishers. • Sociologists study mass media especially to see how it shapes people's values, beliefs, perceptions, and behavior. For example, mass media contributes to socialization, including gender socialization, as when movies implicitly teach young people that it is wrong for females to have many intimate partners.

  4. What is mass media used for? • Mass media is used to project information to a large number of people, across a large area such as an entire country. Whether it is for the purpose of creating audiences for information, artistic expression, and other kinds of messages.

  5. The history of mass media • Print (books, pamphlets, newspapers,magazines, etc.) from the late 15th century • Recordings (gramophone records, magnetic tapes, cassettes, cartridges,CDs,DVDs) from the late 19th century • Cinema (movie theaters) from the 1900's • The Radio from about 1910 • Television from about 1950 • Internet from about 1990 • Mobile phones from about 2000

  6. Problems within mass media Affects on social movements Mass media can have a large effect on social movements. An example of this is the Vietnam War, it was the first war to be broadcasted over the radio and television, which helped spark the antiwar social movement. Mass media polarizes society One problem that mass media has brought to light is that it can in some cases, polarize society. If all of the mass media organizations only show one side to an event her story, everyone will think that is the only side and therefore are polarized to the one side of the story.

  7. Problems with mass media continued Media manipulation The definition of media manipulation is a series of related techniques in which partisans creating image or argument that favors their particular interests.

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